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Blogger Blogs, And "Make Money Fast And Easy"

Blogger One Button Publishing is a platform for publishing personal web sites, using an intuitive GUI process.

You publish content that's personal to you, and your readers (possibly using alternative techniques like Following and subscribing) read your personal web site because of the content that's personal to you.

If you have advertising on your web site, and you are paid to host the advertising, the ads are financed by the companies that sell the merchandise featured in the ads. And your readers are the targets of the ads, so they hopefully will buy the merchandise.

The money flows from your readers, to the sellers of the merchandise, to the advertisers who publish the ads, to you who host the ads on your blog. Your readers learn about the merchandise through your efforts, and you are paid because of that.

That's organic advertising and merchandising. You make money from publishing content, that draws readers, who read your content, and click on the ads. The advertisers pay you for the readers, and for the ad clicks.

Some people are not happy with organic advertising, because they want more money.

Ingenious blog owners publish more blogs, to get more traffic.

They get more money from publishing more sites, from more traffic to their sites, and from more activity on their sites.

  • To publish more sites, they can't spend time writing content, so they pay people to write for them (Syndicated Content, aka Pay To Write, aka "PTW"). Or, they copy content with permission ("syndicate") or without permisssion ("scrape" or "steal") from other websites.
  • To get more traffic to their sites, they pay people to surf their sites (Pay To Surf, aka "PTS").
  • To get more activity on their sites, they pay people to click on the ads in their sites (Pay To Click, aka "PTC").

More sites x more traffic x more activity = lots more money.

More blogs == more traffic == more money - for them, and for the paid surfers.

That's great. More money, some of which they pass to the people who write, who surf, and who click. More money into the economy, more people who can buy stuff, and everybody makes out better.

Why is this a problem?

It is a problem because the advertisers are paid by the companies who sell the merchandise.

  • They are paid to attract eyes to the ads, and to attract people who buy the merchandise featured in the ads.
  • They are not paid for people who click on the ads, simply because they are paid for clicking on the ads.
  • They are not paid for people who surf your sites, simply because they are paid to surf your sites.
  • They are paid for people who are interested in the content on your sites, who click on the ads because the merchandise featured in the ads interests them, and who buy the merchandise.

The people who get paid for surfing are not legitimate customers for the ads.

The people who are paid for surfing and clicking are not the proper targets for the advertisers or for the merchandisers.
  • They are not looking at the ads, because they are busy surfing the next web site.
  • They are not thinking about purchasing any merchandise, because they are busy clicking on another ad.

More clicking and more surfing = more money for them - and they, too, want more money.

PTC and PTS (together known as "GPT", aka "Get Paid To (click and surf)") are fraudulent schemes to extract money from the advertisers, while delivering very little to encourage the merchandisers to pay the advertisers.

AdSense, owned by Google, is one of the advertisers who is unwillingly paying for GPT / PTC / PTS activity. Blogger, owned by Google, will classify blogs as spam hosts, when they provide GPT / PTC / PTS / PTV advice, or derive activity / content / traffic from such techniques.

Affiliate marketing networks gather, and repeat traffic, similarly.

GPT / PTC / PTS uses paid participants to artificially increase traffic to participant blogs. A similar arrangement, but one which involves affiliate marketing networks or link farms, uses unpaid casual visitors.

Any of these techniques, however clever they may be, are fraud.

If any of these are the case,

That is why your blog is now classified as spam, or will be eventually classified as spam - and that is why you are here.


DB said…
I think if this as been brought into spamming then we will have to develop another Google you need a competitor in this field if not nobody can make any income from the point you are driving at and soon if your opinion goes through you will have lesser people patronizing Google and blogger and Google affiliates mark my word for that.
You set the goal post you pick for foul you are the referee and the player all at the same time then something is about to happen.
Nitecruzr said…
LOL, Davidson,

You're going to launch Spoogle. A Google environment for spammers. That's where all of the spammers can go. You can have your own advertising platform, blogging system, browser, email, search engine, and everything else.

That's a perfect idea. Go for it.
Blogger84NI said…
this means my 2 blogs that were shut down were classed as SPAM then as they do promote PTC sites such as Neobux and Onbux
My 2 blogs were and
Just make sure that sites promoting PTC are all closed down cos it can't be one rule for one and a different rule for another. that is COURT CASE requirements. lol finding this rule pretty funny. Good Luck Blogger...
Nitecruzr said…

Blogger is never going to classify all spam content on the same day - or even the same week. There will always be some blogs that should be classified, that have not yet been classified. What matters is that yours are classified.
Faisal said…
Dear Chuck,

I have only one question I have blog can i use to get some friend and encourage them to visit my blog and click my Ads and i will do the same for them?
Nitecruzr said…

That is a good question. I really think that "MyBlogLog" needs to be discussed in BHF: How Do I?.

I don't think that it's intent is as blatant as PTS - nor is it as obvious. It is a form of link farming though.

This one I think needs peer discussion.
relisisi said…
I think is something normal if I have a blog ,I tray to do a good traffic.Traffic give visitors,if I do traffic and on my blog I publish my other site here I`m.....why is that SPAM?
I`m a not young women and I still what to work online,work with my blog,work with something what I now,but not everytime I tray to do good work,they DELETE my blog.
very interested information! :)
Nitecruzr said…

If your blog is getting visitors that are simply interested in the contents of the blog, and if they click on the ads because they are interested in the merchandise, that's good.

If your blog is getting visitors that are paid to click on links to the blog, or that are paid to click on ads in the blog, that's not good.

If your blog contains material that's published to other blogs, or that's copied from other blogs, that's not good.

You have to publish original content, that's relevant to the interests of your readers. That won't necessarily make a lot of money. In some cases, you may have to settle for less money.
Dilip Purohit said…
how to restore blog though it contain many links of ptc and affiliate
pro gramme which i have join and create a blog for promotion of them
Nitecruzr said…
A blog which contain many links of PTC and affiliate programme is righteously classified as a spam host - and, once classified, it's gone.
mangenetics said…
Can I post only one affiliate link in my blog?
Nitecruzr said…
You can post as many affiliate links as you wish, in your blog. But any more than 0 makes the blog possibly liable for spam classification.

The best decision would be to not post any affiliate links.
Anjana said…
Hi,My blog which contains many links of PTC/PTR and affiliate links of like "Commition Junction" is considered as spam and removed yesterday.Though we can't teach blogger/Google what to consider & what not,but i am very much unhappy that my all hard work gone west.Where as my intention was to earn some money from affiliates and get some referrals.If blogger is not allowing this we can't stop working.I would like to suggest that blogger should develop some thing that can allow to do things like this.Otherwise one has many other option to try.
Hope that some thing will be done for this.I will be happy to see and join then.
Nitecruzr said…

I don't know how to say this any clearer. If your blog depends upon PTC / PTR / "affiliate" links for traffic generation - or if you encourage others to do so, you are stealing from hard working blog owners, who deserve the recognition that your blog is getting.

Publishing a blog, with material that your readers will benefit from, is hard work. Paying people to click or read is theft from other blog owners, and from the advertisers who pay you to host their ads.

You need to refocus your hard work, in legitimate effort.
Anjana said…
Hello chuck,
I was never paying/going to pay anybody to click.I was sharing list of genuine sites which pays and i had good experience with them.To click or not,to join or not that sites is up to individual decision after reading that sites FAQs/TOS.They are paying to them not I. I have very serious objection that you have used words that 'Paying people to click or read is theft from other blog owners, and from the advertisers who pay you to host their ads.'
Because i am not paying any body.I was just sharing sites name so that some one also can generate some part time home based income. Even i was not paying any body to to click on my advertisers or affiliate partners Ads.If you think so,means one should never promote anything (commission junction/click bank etc products).Then why Google is running Ad sense program displaying Ads, allows Amazon affiliates to display Ads.This should also stop.If you are saying about quality content blogs,then no blogs run by blogger/Google should display any kind of any promotional content.This seems that you have not universal rules & regulation.Google/blogger wants share from Ad sense,but not allowing some one else.Ad sense also should not be allowed.Then only you can get blogs only with good content can proove that blogs is for only hard working bloggers.There should not be any double standards.
I hope you will get my point and don't take it in any other ways.
Nitecruzr said…

I think that Bloggers reasoning is that PTC / PTS is not an acceptable technique for publicising a blog, period. If you were sharing a list of genuine sites which pays and you had good experience with them, you were still encouraging PTC / PTS activity.

The sites in your list were still sites that were stealing traffic from sites which attract their readers by publishing content, and they were stealing money from the advertisers who were paying to have their ads seen by legitimate customers.

How is your site financed? Who compensates you, for publishing your list of genuine sites which pays? Let's start there, please.
Anjana said…
Hello Sir,
My last comments still not replied.Awaiting for your valuable comments.
Nitecruzr said…

My last comments are just above yours.

I'll repeat my previous questions.

How is your site financed? Who compensates you, for publishing your list of genuine sites which pays?

Maybe we can cut through some of the double talk involved in GPT / PTC / PTS, if we can explore the basics.
Jarret said…
Well it's all really rather silly considering Google has its OWN affiliate network. I mean seriously, how do they think we are going to promote their partners if we are not allowed to use their own affiliate links on our blogs!

Heck, I've recently got banned for putting sponsored ads on my blogs. It's so totally bogus.
Nitecruzr said…

Good point. I think the problem here is we may be confusing two terms - "affiliate marketing" and "affiliate networking".
Unknown said…
I am new to blogging and saw this ad on another site that made some of my words become underlined. I did click on them to see what would happen. Then last night, my blog disappeared. I figured it a glitch on my end, so I created another. This morning, the blog shows up in my dashboard, but won't post. It's all there, but won't post! What can I do or is it blocked?
Unknown said…
Oh, I just read in the "How Do I request" thing.... I didn't get paid for any links. My blog is just a simple thing with links to couponing sites where people can print coupons....those are all over the internet. I just tried to combine a few to help those starting out. Ummm, there are links to sites that talk about couponing, no money there, I guess what I'm trying to say is that I don't do it for money, I do it for fun and to help others enjoy! :) Thanks and have a good day!
Nitecruzr said…
Anybody here who needs help with a spam locked blog needs to ask their questions Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken - not here. Spam reviews can only be conducted from discussions starting in the public forum.
Jon said…
This has gotten really silly. Not everyone who utilizes PTC or PPD is a spammer. Some people like to share AND get payed a little something for their time. I am a bit confused how exactly are you supposed to promote your site? Just keep publishing posts and hope that someone somewhere finds a link to your blog buried among innumerable others on google search? Jump around leaving comments on random blogs and hope someone tracks it back to your blog?
I do not pay or ask ANYONE to click adds on my site or write content for me, nor do I copy material for use on my blog. But I am perplexed as to how I am supposed to generate traffic without getting myself banned.
I don't know all this is somewhat confusing and seems backwards/doubletalk. "You can put our sponsored adds on your blog but nobody else adds" and "you cannot promote your blog in any way" Maybe I am reading into it wrong.
Nitecruzr said…
This has gotten really silly.

There, Jon, we agree.

Just because you wish to publish a personal website, using Blogger One Button Publishing, you are not entitled to any level of traffic that you deem appropriate.

You get traffic from people who are interested in what you have to say - not people who are attracted by the link farm, or the GPT / PTC / PTS scheme that you pay for.

If people are not sufficiently interested in the content of your blog, you change the content of your blog, or you settle for what you get.
Strabonyex said…
Hello Chuck. I wondered, is it facebook fanpage for blog or networked blogs (facebook app) allowed?
Anonymous said…
I think if this as been brought into spamming then we will have to develop another Google you need a competitor in this field if not nobody can make any income from the point you are driving at and soon if your opinion goes through you will have lesser people patronizing Google and blogger and Google affiliates mark my word for that.
You set the goal post you pick for foul you are the referee and the player all at the same time then something is about to happen.
Nitecruzr said…
Davidson / Roz,

If you wish to publish your website on Spoogle, we wish you well.
Aaron Johnson said…
I don't think is a good idea to make money fast. That sounds like a pyramid scheme.
I prefer to write interesting and unique content. But Some people didn't even understand, you have to be extra careful when relying on monetization with AdSense on Blogger. Google takes problems with paid links seriously. Affiliate links at the other hand should be used with caution, however, the rel="nofollow" attribute must be added. Most ad units via AdSense uses a nofollow tag inside ads of any kind. I don't ask anyone to click on my ads. I just rather serve the ads on my blog, and continue writing content. AdSense takes this problem seriously.
One curious question Chuck:
Why were these spammers were trying to make money fast schemes, and why they're asking people to click on ads, and spoof the advertisers?
Nitecruzr said…

Thanks for your thoughts.

Money. That's why.

Why does anybody do anything?

But they aren't asking people to click on ads, and spoof the advertisers - they are asking people to click on ads, to get their click counts up, so the advertisers will pay the ad hosts (ie the blog owners) for more traffic.

IOW, they are subjecting AdSense content to inflated click counts, ie click fraud. And that's why AdSense wants it stopped - it's damaging their business reputation.
Aaron Johnson said…
Woe! That's the problem what spammers are doing to these ads, and deceptive practices. I never heard of PTW (paid to write) schemes before.
These PTC splogs are top spam blogs that are actually flooding Blogger. Most of these spammers has relied on bots to scrape content, and setup click bots to artificially inflate AdSense ad unit clicks. Don't click on your own ads.
Other bloggers at the other hand write organic content that will interest visitors, for example; an author will write a blog about making a movie from scratch. And the ads that are related to the topics on his blog will show movie making kits. What you've just mentioned in your post above, organic advertising is the must,--in order to keep your blog in good standing.
Looks like there are over 20,000 spammers out there! Even posts on splogs are generated by bots as well.

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