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Distorted / Unusable Post Editor Toolbar

As a possible repeat of an episode a couple years ago, numerous bloggers who appear to be customers of Singnet, or possibly of other ISPs in the Singapore region, report that the toolbar area in the post editor is distorted or out of shape, and the buttons don't work.

Yesterday, Blogger acknowledged the problem.

Occasionally, what is being observed is the toolbar in "Edit HTML" mode, and the problem is resolved by enabling Compose mode. In other cases, the problem may be resolved by bypassing or refreshing browser cache.

A few victims of this problem, who are direct customers of Singnet / Singtel, may be able to use the regional Singnet proxy "", as was done 2 years ago. This seems to be a more stable solution than the typical free Internet proxy server, which many use for anonymous or secure access, or to bypass local network controls.

  • For Firefox:

    • From the menu, select Tools, then Options.

    • Click on the "Advanced" tab.

    • Click on the "Network" tab.

    • Under "Connection", hit "Settings".

    • Select "Manual proxy configuration".

    • For HTTP proxy, enter "".

    • For "Port", enter "8080".

    • Click on the "OK" button 2 times.

  • For Internet Explorer:

    • From the menu, select Tools, then Internet Options.

    • Click on the "Connections" tab.

    • If your computer is on a LAN, hit the "LAN Settings" button.

      • Under Proxy Server, select "Use a proxy server ...".

      • Click on the "Advanced" button.

      • For HTTP, enter "" for Proxy address, and "8080" for Port.

      • Click on the "OK" button 3 times.

    • If your computer uses dialup, select your setting name in the "Dial-up and Virtual Private Network settings" box, and hit "Settings".

      • Under Proxy Server, select "Use a proxy server ...".

      • Click on the "Advanced" button.

      • For HTTP, enter "" for Proxy address, and "8080" for Port.

      • Click on the "OK" button 3 times.

If you are one of the folks affected by this problem, please provide some diagnostic details:
  • What is the URL of the blog with the observed problem?
  • Where are you located, and what ISP provides your service?
  • What browser (name and version please), and what operating system, do you use?

If you like proceeding on your own, learn to diagnose your problems.

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yanyun said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
summer_rain said…
i'm still having the same problem although i tried to follow the steps that is given. the post editor toolbar didn't appear at all.

~i'm located at Singapore
~isp provides by singnet
~firefox ver 3.5
thanks so much for this fast answer.. it worked fine!
I was really scratching my head, although i was suspecting it to be a singnet problem.. thanks for confirming my suspicions and offering a perfect solution
summer_rain said…
pls help:

i got the post editor toolbar back but i can't upload image right now.
jocelyn teo said…
Hi! this is Jocelyn and I'm able to get the Create a post page and with all the buttons there. but the image upload page doesn't work. I browsed for images and clicked 'Upload images' and it just doesn't upload.

I'm from Singapore, using singnet, firefox ver 3.5.1.

Please email me at! Thank you SO MUCH! :)
Gadgets Lovers said…
Hey, I tried mine, but it still doesn't work. it's still in this way..
Jess said…

I'm currently having the same problem. I'm using a mac too. however, i'm not a singtel/singnet user. it's starhub. i'm using either safari 4.0.2 or firefox 3.5.1. Please help. Thank you!
Yee Ern said…
Thanks it solve my problem.
g n i y n i x said…
Problem solved! thanks! :)
mycroeconomics said…

i m located in Singapore
ISP is Singnet
I used IE.

I tried:
- clear cache and cookie, didn't work
- use firefox, didn't work
- use Google Chrome, didn't work
- wait one day, didn't work
- tried changing the setting above on Firefox, didn't work
- tried changing the setting above on IE, finally work!

THANK YOU very much!!!

By the way, my blog is:
ViP said…

I did everything that mycroeconomics did & even got the same result.

i m located in Singapore
ISP is Singnet
I use both IE & firefox.

I tried:
- clear cache and cookie, didn't work
- use both IE & firefox, didn't work
- waited for more than one week & still wouldn't work (text formatting toolbar missing)
- followed your instructions above
- changed the setting on Firefox, didn't work
- changed the setting on IE, finally works!

Thank you so much... Any idea how to resolve my problem for firefox?

You are my saviour! Thank you!
Much appreciated!
Hi there, thank you for your solution. Manage to solve the problem. :)
I'm using firefox 3.5 and i tried the following steps, but the toolbar still not out yet. I'm very eager to know is there any other way ?

Please send me solutions thanks =)
Unknown said…
Thanks for providing this solution. It defintely works. I was wondering why everything was ok when I was using another service provider to blog but when I used Singnet , I can't find the tool bar / text bar . But this finally solves my problem. A big THANKS !
Thank you! This is definitely a great help! :D
Unknown said…
HEY this solved my problem which bugged me
thanks a lot :D
Sdudla said…
I am in Cape town South Africa and I have not been able to use the Draft Blogger editor for about 2 weeks now...

here is my blog...
Anonymous said…
hello. i'm having the same problem here. i tried follow the steps, but the post editor toolbar didn't appear. Help please.

I'm using firefox ver 3.5
Thank you :)
Jiang Haolie said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
+koultura said…
doesn't work for me either. :(
Evelyn Tan said…
i'm currently having the same problem. I'm using a macbook now. i'm using either safari 4.0.2 or firefox 3.5.1. the editor toolbar is missing Please help. Thank you!
H. said…
got your link from:


you're a GENIUS and a GODSEND!

truly, truly.

evancheerio said…
Hi, I tried the steps above but still having the same problem. I'm from Singapore, isp provider is Singnet and using firefox/IE. Please help. Thanks.
Bob Mason said…
I am using Windows 7 RC1 with IE8 on one computer and the tool bars have vanished which makes it impossible to blogg. On the same computer Opera has the toolbars, Google Chrome doesn't, neither does Firefox, Safari or Avant. Now my other computer (Vista Home Premium with IE * 32 bit and 64 bit can't edit posts either. On my Mac Safari has missing editing tools but Firefox is OK. Could we have a simple explanation please of what is wrong?
Nitecruzr said…

Right now, and based upon the relative recent quietness of this thread, I'm betting that the original problem has been resolved. Your variety of details makes me think that you have a more complex problem, possibly involving local settings or software.

Will you please state, for the record, where you are located, and what ISP provides your service?
Anonymous said…
i tried the way you stated. but instead, i couldnt even go into google. it kept stating that there was a problem loading the page. until i removed the proxy thing. =(
storm said…
I have been super frustrated by this problem the last 3 weeks and am extremely grateful for your solution about changing the settings on IE which has worked! Thank you very much!
tengboche said…
thank you very much!
now it works both on firefox and IE!
BabyWaltzZ said…
Hi i cant even see the taskbar and it says error on page when i click on ''Post Options'

Im using singnet wireless
IE 7
Window Vista
Anonymous said…
it worked already. thank you so much =)
leonard said…
thank you so much for the help. i did the proxy thing, but it didn't work, then i removed it and suddenly it works now in IE!

but i primarily use mozilla firefox, and the problem still persists there, no matter what i do. x(
melissa said…
thanks you're a genius!

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