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Internet Explorer and "Operation Aborted" - July 2009

The ongoing problem with Internet Explorer issuing "Operation Aborted", when loading various blogs, diminished in intensity recently. It has not, however, completely vanished.

You may see the latest reports of this problem, in a consolidated feed.

If you are experiencing this symptom - either in a blog which you control, or a blog which someone else controls - help us to help you. Provide your observations, for everybody.
  • What browser version (the complete version number of format "n.n.nnnn.nn" may be significant here) are you using?
  • What operating system (again, name and version, please) are you using?
  • In what blogs(s) have you observed the problem?
  • Is that your blog(s), and if so, did you see an improvement by removing the Follower / Friend Connect gadgets? By changing the comment form option? By removing any other gadgets?
  • Have you made any separate effort to diagnose your problem?

Your report here, of what you are seeing or have seen, may be invaluable.

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Anonymous said…
MS IE 8.0.6001.18702
XP SP2 with all updates
I have absolutely no issues with system stability but I can crash the MS tab always when I visit, almost always and sometimes One of the blog owners knew that this a blogger problem, so I found this site. Hope you can achieve something...
Thanks for your answer to my question! Really appreciate it.
Meg said…
Hi, I do have problems. At the moment, once I have posted, I try to view and then get that message. When I close, i am then unable to go back in as the message keeps coming back up. This is with my Today seems to be alright, but last week, I was not even able to go in at all except into the dashboard. I did get an email from someone saying that they were able to access ok but when they looked through a few posts, then this message came up. I have Followers on both of these blogs. I haven't checked my other blog, I don't know what it is that I have done. I have the same issues with Firefox and IE8.
Thanks for listening. I will give you any other info as I come across.
Cheers, Meg
Meg said…
OK, now I think that I may have sorted out what is really going on. I have removed the "followers" gadget from both of those blogs and....I can get on! Hurrah! I think that it may well have something to do with it. I will wait & see now. I will do a test in a week or so & pop it back on & see if it happens again. Cheers, Meg
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the answer, many readers have reported about this problem when accessing my blog. I am not an expert in other to fix it.
So, I will look for a professional help.

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