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FTP Publishing and the Blog Feed

This blog is The Real Blogger Status, and it's published as "". You are looking at the blog itself. What you see is a lot easier for you to digest, than for computers to do so. There's another copy of your blog, though, that's designed for computers to digest, so the information can be passed to other places, maybe as part of another web site or blog, or to a reader who is subscribed to your blog, using a newsreader. The other copy is called the blog feed.

Before we got Layouts Blogger, in 2006, we had pre 2006 Blogger. The first blog feeds, provided as part of pre 2006 Blogger, were served as part of the published blog. The pre 2006 Blogger blog feeds were continued into Layouts Blogger.

For "", we have an pre 2006 Atom feed "", also addressed as "". We similarly have an RSS feed, addressed as "".

With Layouts (2006) Blogger, besides having a blog posts feed, we have a blog comments feed - and we have per post Comments, and blog Labels, feeds. The "blog feed" and "blog comments" feeds each are singular - but the "comments" and "labels" feeds are plural, with one separate comment feed for each post, and one separate feed for each label, respectively. All of these feeds are served as part of the published blog.

We also have mirrors of the blog comments and posts feeds, served as part of "". This blog has a Blogger served comments feed of "" and posts feed of "". In most cases, the published blog feeds and the Blogger served aliases are identical.

This blog has 4 Atom posts feeds.

This blog has 2 RSS posts feeds.

In general, all 6 aliases will produce the same output. In all cases, all 6 aliases will at least show the same posts; any differences between any of the 6 aliases will be a natural consequence of the (increasingly minor) differences between the Atom and RSS formats, which are two separate and competing newsfeed standards.

With nearly all blogs published to BlogSpot, or to a Google server as part of a custom domain, this will be a consistent fact. All 6 aliases will, by nature, contain the same posts.

With FTP publishing, this won't always be the case. And that's a point of confusion to some bloggers who publish their blogs externally. The Blogger hosted blog comments and posts feed files will be produced instantly, when updates are published to the blog, because they will be hosted from a Blogger server. The blog hosted blog comments and posts feed files, which by design are served from the remote server, will be subject to any problems with publishing to the remote server.

If there is a problem with FTP publishing, the Blogger hosted feeds will still contain the most recent updates. The blog hosted feeds, as well as the blog itself, may or may not contain the recent updates. When there is a problem with FTP publishing, which causes changes to not be published to the blog, or to the blog feeds remotely hosted, there will be a loss of synchronisation between the Blogger hosted feeds, the blog hosted feeds, and / or the published blog.

In this case, a problem with FTP publishing will also be perceived as a problem with a blog feed.

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Larissa T. said…
So, I've been looking for a post that you may have written about this, but I haven't found it. So I'm hoping maybe you could help me out here. Where is my RSS feed URL anyways? I've tried finding it many different ways where people say to add the /feeds/comments/full or /feeds/comments/default?alt=rss but all that pops up is a page full of codes. Please could you help me out? My Blog URL is
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Nitecruzr said…

We need to discuss this in a conversation in Blogger Help Forum: How Do I? - not here.

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