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Problems With Posting Comments To Blogs, Caused By Post Template Corruption

This month, we are seeing reports from various bloggers who report that they, or their readers, are having problems posting comments to their blogs. The blogs where the problem is reported are most frequently using the inline comment form, aka "Embedded below post" - although other comment form styles, and other symptoms altogether, seem to be observed too. There seem to be a few different scenarios reported.

In main page view, instead of seeing the comments and the comment entry form, you'll merely see a link, such as "2 comments". Clicking on "2 comments" puts the blog display into single post mode, and positions the browser below the post, at the comment entry form - or links to the separate comments page or to the popup comments page.

Most recently, this link, on some blogs, is reported to be inoperative or invisible. The first thing to try, in this case, is resetting the post template. If resetting the post template does not work, then try resetting the widget templates.

In another scenario, for blogs with "word verification" ie "CAPTCHA" enabled, the CAPTCHA either may not be visible, or if visible, may not seem to work - even when you have entered the correct answer, repeatedly. This will be observed by some, but not all owners and / or readers. If the CAPTCHA does not appear, or if it can't be solved in 2 or 3 tries (and you are certain that you have entered the correct answers), your computer has a security setting problem. This will generally be related to third party cookies, or a script being blocked.

In a third scenario, neither resetting the widgets nor enabling third party cookies or Blogger scripts will provide relief to the CAPTCHA problem. Like the previous scenario, this will not be seen by everybody. First, clear both cache and cookies, and restart the browser

If you're using Internet Explorer V8, and you're seeing any of these problems, please try using another browser.

If you or your readers have another problem with inline comment forms, or if the above procedures don't provide a solution to your problem, provide details as you're able.
  • First, as always, the URL of the blog.
  • What is the problem? Can you not see a comment form, or can you not enter a comment successfully?
  • Is the problem universal, or specific to some owners and / or readers?
  • What browser is used by the ones reporting the problem?
  • What security components (anti-malware protection, add-ons in the browser, etc) and settings are in the browser and on the computer?
If there is a problem which has to be resolved with Blogger Support being involved, details will be useful.

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AWDF said…
Hi there,

I am hoping you can help me. I am having problems with the comments field on my blog which is I have tried the fixes you mention in your post with no luck. I have tried changing the template,etc.

When you click on the comments field you get an error message "bX-mtge8f"

I will appreciate your advice
Nitecruzr said…
When yoou get a bX code, your best action is to report the code, with the details. There's really nothing else that you can do, that's useful.
Recently, I get a lot feedbacks from my blog readers, said that their
IE always prompt "Operation aborted!" error and turn to "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage".
After a week of troubleshooting, I found that it because I'm using
Embedded Comment Form in my blogspot. This only happen with IE, no problem with FireFox.

Does anyone experience the same problem?

How can I use embedded comment form without error? I like embedded
comment form as it is easier for my blog readers to post their

my blog:
this blog has the same problem:
Marf said…
I've had the problem reported that mobile devices can't enter text into the comment form. So what I did was provide a link to the old comment page.

Look at one of my posts as an example. Down by the embedded comment form I have the text "No text box here, or can't enter text? Click here to go to the old style comment form!"
Nitecruzr said…
Interesting solution, Marf.

So how did you extract the BlogID and PostID values?
Marf said…
The BlogID I put in manually, as each link for that blog has the same BlogID. For the PostID I used

Here's what the code for that link looks like:

<a expr:href='&quot;;postID=&quot; +' title='Make a comment'>Click here</a>

Where YOUR_BLOG_ID is the ID of the blog you want to use this on.
Lex said…
this helped. Thanks so much!
Mrs. Weed said…
You are a lifesaver! I'm doing a blog for a class and was about to lose all of my content! Thanks so much for taking the time to post information like this!
Great!!! Thank you!!!
Schmitzl said…
Hi there,

Tried Marfs code but it appears that the code isn't stored in blogger. It removes the expr bit. What am I doing wrong?


Altoon Sultan said…
hi, I just started a blog and the comments doesn't show under the post as it's supposed to. I did what you suggested, but it didn't help. Still no comments.
I'm using Safari; could that be the problem?
Manar said…
yay. the comment problem is fixed. Thanks that was a lot of help.
Thanks so much for your tips, the first solution made my day. Cheers (:
Brandi said…
Thank you so much! My comments work again:)
J said…
Wow I almost tore all my hair out trying to get this to work - Thanks so much!
You freakin ROCK! I've been mulling over this for weeks - restyling the template, finding new templates, re-setting all my settings, etc. Thanks for the "Revert widget templates to default" fix. Worked like a charm.
Darleen Witmer said…
I cannot get the Comments to work properly embedded. I have done all and tried all other advise.
Nitecruzr said…
I cannot get the Comments to work properly embedded. I have done all and tried all other advise.

In this case, I most strongly suggest that you ask a question in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, for a diagnosis of your problem.
عارف طيب said…
when i use ie7 it doesn't let me comment. why?
Rizwan said…
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