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Nitecruzr Dot Net - Following / Friend Connect Gadgets Temporarily Removed

The problem with Blogger Follower and Google Friend Connect gadgets causing the ever increasing volumes of problem reports about "Operation Aborted", in Internet Explorer, continues. Bowing to public pressure, I have removed the Following and Friend Connect gadgets from my blogs at Nitecruzr Dot Net.

Note that I still have my Followers, my blog simply lacks the Followers gadget in the sidebar. Anybody wishing to Follow my blogs (or yours, if you do similarly) can find the "Follow Blog" link in the navbar. I made the navbar visible on all blogs, to enable this tactic to work. And the people who Follow my blogs will continue to Follow them.

I look forward to an update by Blogger Support, so I may restore the Following / Friend Connect gadgets, when this snafu is resolved - may it be soon.

(Update 5/29): Noting several comments that this blog is still issuing "Operation Aborted" to some readers, I have also changed my comments form placement, from "Embedded below post" to "Full page".

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THANK YOU!!! I was thinking it was just me.. My Follower gadget has been hosed since February (I posted to you here, sometime in March, I think).. and I have wondered why you did not seem to be seeing the error message I was seeing here on your site.

So *thank you* for addressing this! Maybe someday they will actually do something about it.
-- Beth
I removed the Friends Connect/Followers widget and I am still having problems, so are my readers. The problem is only IE, but 70 percent of people still use it. I downloaded mozilla firefox and the problem goes away. But how do we get Blogger to FIX this once and for all. I have activated a mirror site on and downloaded all posts there. Wordpress does not have the IE glitch.
ג. ג. said…
Your solution seems to solve the problem. So far so good. I hope Blogger will come up with a solution soon. Thank you for the useful blog.
I changed the comments format and it seems to be working (at least on my computer). I have asked some readers to try it now and report back.

Thanks, Chuck!

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