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Internet Explorer and "Operation Aborted" - May 2009

The monolithic "Operation Aborted" error, seen with blogs being viewed through Internet Explorer, has been with us for many months. Last week, the problem took a much more serious turn, and affected many blogs - such as many of the blogs in Nitecruzr Dot Net.

After several days, and some intense work by Blogger engineers, the problem seems to have diminished significantly - yet it continues to be reported sporadically in the forums. As of yesterday 5/27, Nitecruzr Dot Net is still affected. Right now, it appears to be seen, primarily, by bloggers using Internet Explorer V8. Removal of the Following and Friend Connect gadgets, where present in a blog owned by a viewer of the problem, helps eliminate the symptom many, but not all, of the times seen.

Some bloggers have stated that changing from the inline comment form, to a popup or separate form, has helped eliminate their version of the problem. Presumably, the problem, if this is going to be effective, will be seen only in single post mode, not in archive or main page view.

Noting several comments that this blog is still issuing "Operation Aborted" to some readers, I have also changed my comments form placement, from "Embedded below post" to "Full page". That change has made this blog visible to at least one additional reader.

Blogger Support acknowledges the problem, and notes
This only affects viewers using IE to view the blog; for right now, blog owners can either move the Followers gadget lower in their sidebar, or remove it altogether. Either action will eliminate the pop-up dialog box in IE.

If you have recently seen, or are seeing, this symptom - either in a blog which you control, or a blog which someone else controls - help us to help you, and provide your observations.
  • What browser version (the complete version number of format "n.n.nnnn.nn" may be significant here) are you using?
  • What operating system (again, name and version, please) are you using?
  • In what blogs(s) have you observed the problem?
  • Is that your blog(s), and if so, did you see an improvement by removing the Follower / Friend Connect gadgets? By removing any other gadgets? By changing the comment form option?
  • Have you made any effort to diagnose your problem?

Your report here, of what you are seeing or have seen, may be invaluable.

(Update 2009/06/08): This problem continues to be reported, and not all bloggers report success from removing the Follower / Friend Connect gadgets, or from changing the comment form option.

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Susan said…
What's My setup?
What browser am I using?
You appear to be using Internet Explorer 7.0.

What operating system am I using?
You appear to be using Windows XP

What's my IP address?
Your IP address appears to be

Your full setup details (your 'user agent string'):

Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 7.0; Windows NT 5.1; GTB5; .NET CLR 1.1.4322)

Hey! I just found out you can Google to get that info! Anyway, yes, I have that problem viewing Nitecruzr. And I had that problem just this morning even though you have removed your follower gadget.
Karin W. said…
What browser version are you using?
Internet Explorer 8.0.6001.18702

What operating system are you using?
Windows XP Professional Version 2002 Service Pack 3

In what blogs(s) have you observed the problem?
Only in
I have no problem loading or

Is that your blog(s), and if so, did you see an improvement by removing the Follower / Friend Connect gadgets?
Yes. They are my blogs. By removing The Follower Gadget my latest post loads fine. Older posts don't load fine.

By removing any other gadgets?
I haven't removed any other gadgets.

By changing the comment form option?
I haven't changed the comment form option.

Have you made any effort to diagnose your problem?
There is no such message in Firefox (I much prefer Internet Explorer to Firefox).
Lawny said…
just viewed you blog in IE7 on both a windows xp and vista machine and i'm still getting operation aborted error viewing your blog so i had to use FireFox to comment here
Karin W. said…
I got the Operation Aborted Message when I clicked on 'Post A Comment' here.

I changed my comment form from 'Embedded below post' to 'Full page'. Now my pages seem to load fine. Fingers crossed!!
Nitecruzr said…
Susan and Karin,

Thank you for your advice. I have now changed my comment form to "Full page". Let's see if that provides any improvement.
Nitecruzr said…

Thank you for your advice. Let's see if this provides any improvement.
Karin W. said…
Thumbs up, Chuck! I didn't get an Operation Aborted message.
marain said…
What browser version are you using?


What operating system (again, name and version, please) are you using?

MS Windows Professional 5.1.2600 Service Pack 3

In what blogs(s) have you observed the problem?

The problem seems to have gone away now in my blog and in at least one other blog. I did observe the problem in:

my own blog (is okay now - before I had to click on the Back button 1 time):

TheExistentialistCowboy (is okay now - before I had to click on the Back button 4 times):

Technical Details (is okay now - before I had to click on the Back button 14 times):

Is that your blog(s), and if so, did you see an improvement by removing the Follower / Friend Connect gadgets?

I did not remove my Follower gadget.

By removing any other gadgets?

I think someone in Blogger technical support removed the MyLibraryThing gadget. After that everything was working again. I have since added the MyLibraryThing gadget back into my blog and I'm not having anymore Operation aborted errors.

By changing the comment form option?

Didn't change it.

Have you made any effort to diagnose your problem?

I made a post into the Blogger group Something Is Broken:

I don't think the problem was caused by my Followers gadget. Maybe it was caused by the MyLibraryThing gadget, but maybe not, since I put that gadget back and I'm not having the Operation Aborted error anymore.

When I noticed that the problem appeared to have been solved, I realized that the MyLibraryThing gadget had been removed from my site. Someone removed it without telling me. In one of the other two sites where I had problems (listed above), the MyLibraryThing and other gadgets had been removed.
Lawny said…
i'm not getting any "operation aborted" errors now you have switched the comment form off
NitWit1 said…
I use IE; was using v7 and upgraded to IE8 and problem was worse, not better.

First I deleted the weather widget as it was last added. No improvement.

Yesterday I deleted FOLLOWERS and it seems to have solved bloggers accessing mine, and myself. For several days using it myself was not possible.

I am getting the message when I many access other blogs also. I am sure it is because I use IE. You can't expect the whole world to delete their preferences because of IE. Besides Google and Microsoft do not have the friendliest relationships.
NitWit1 said…
Forgot to add my info

IP address

I use IE v8.6001.18702

Windows Vista Home Premium version
v 6.0.6001 SP 1 build 6001

My blog:

I've had reports of lots of my viewers having difficulty accessing my blog and this past week I could not even post without interruption of the "Operation aborted" message. Unbearable.

I first deleted a weather widget which was last one I added. No improvement:

Then I moved Followers, bloggers own widget, down in my layout, but no improvement. I then deleted it.

So far I've had one day of trouble free viewing on my own blog. But the frequency of the OA message when I accessed other blogs has also increased. But then I am using IE. :((
I could cry.

I've been working on this problem for weeks... thought I had it solved... but the Operation Aborted began popping up again on May 30 and is consistent today...

I have comments DISABLED on my blog... I have NO Followers gadgets on my page and never have had...

and I am STILL getting Operation Aborted.

I have removed sitemeter from the sidebar ..... and that hasn't fixed anything...

(using a domain redirect with godaddy)

What in the world do I have to do to fix this??

I want OUT of blogger!!!

Please, help...
Now I have stripped the sidebar of every gadget and all widgets .. and I'm still getting the Operation Aborted with IE.

The dreaded big X.

Time to leave blogger for another blog service?

If anyone can help? This weeks of removing gadgets from the
sidebar.... thinking I have fixed it... only to have the error to
begin appearing again in a few days... and then removing more gadgets, thinking the problem is solved.... only to have the error REAPPEAR!

Now, no code at all in sidebar... and it still will randomly display
that error --- not consistently, but spontaneously!

Something has gone seriously amiss with blogger!
Yes, more details:



Internet Explorer 6.00.2800.1106

Operating System:
happening both on a Windows 98 and Windows xp

Problem observed:

Gadgets in sidebar:
none... and still the operation aborted error...
never had the friends gadget
have only had comments enabled twice in the last 3 years

Diagnostic process:

Over the last three weeks I have removed systematically gadgets and
have thought I have solved the problem... but after a few days the
error would appear again... sometimes consistently over the course of
an hour.... then the blog would load without incident....

Today, at a complete loss, I removed all gadgets from my sidebar... so
there is only text... and it is still showing, randomly, the error
code and shutting down the blog...

Can someone please help??!
Tried to load the blog again this morning and the very first opening of the page resulted in:

OPERATION ABORTED. And the blog closing.

I've never had the Followers widget loaded in the sidebar... .and currently have no widgets/gadgets at all in the sidebar and sitemeter etc is removed...

Again, I also don't have comments enabled on my blog...

Yes, the Windows 98 and XP commputers are on the same LAN...

Sometimes one will load the blogger blog without incident... and when I try the alternative computer... I get the operation aborted error.... and vice versa.

I can't believe that after nearly 5 years of blogging at blogger... and working 6 days a week to develop a significant readership... that the site will now not open in IE. Devastating.

A site designer has spent the weekend combing through the blog's code to try to figure out what in the world has suddenly gone awry between Blogger and IE... to no avail.

Who can I employ to fix this Operation Aborted Error issue?

Or should I explore how to import my posts into an alternative blog server?

Sickened.... and grateful for any direction...

Thank you, Chuck, for responding to these posts... I'm indebted....
I[m running IE6.0.29 and Windows XP. I've been able to get into my blog periodically, but my readers are still having trouble.

It seemed like Blogger was tweaking this weekend and I was able to get in on IE (I've been using Mozilla FireFox since the problem started) but problem for me is back again on IE! Readers still having problems range from IE6-8.

I removed FriendsConnect more than 10 days ago; removing it did NOT help, but I left it off anyway. I have been advising readers to download Mozilla Firefox, which is better anyway!

And I reactivated a mirror site on that I created last year when mistakenly labeled thousands of blogs as spam.

I have not changed the comment form in months.

There are two problem scenarios:
1. Reader gets error box and manually closes it, thereby accessing the blog with no problem.
2. Reader gets error box and manually closes it, and thereby loses the page, getting "page cannot be opened."

Personally, I have experienced both.

I have written innumerable times to support and even to a friend "inside." No information was forthcoming. has let us all down, which is very annoying.
i have gotten numerous emails from people using IE. Don't know what they are using, but my stats have dropped considerably. I put the friends widget all the way to the bottom and did NOT solve the problem, so I just brought it back up after this didn't help.
This has been happening on my blog for almost a frustrating.
For those who are using blogger to build a platform for our businesses... this IE/operation aborted is a death nail.

Will blogger help us?
Tried changing comment format as recommended for

It does not seem to matter and same people are reporting the same problem EXCEPT that now they do not get the error box and instead are taken directly to Page Cannot Be Opened.

Hits are significantly down since May 21, when the plague hit my blog.

One reader advised that when she clicks on the bullets in the email alerts she receives from the blog, she is taken to an email page. I am not sure what she means and am awaiting clarification.

We seem to have cut out the middleman (the error box) but the problem remains.
Aha! it seems (up to now) that changing the comment form from "Embedded below post" to "full post" really helps..

Many Thanks
Any more updates? This has still not been fixed...please update us since Blogger definitely isn't.
Hamidur said…
Same things happened in my site. Operation aborted showing in internet explorer also in version 6. Can any one tell me how to fix this ?

More over google is not indexing my webpages via Google webmaster after look change of google webmaster. It isshowing pending for some time with error "Invalid XML tag This tag was not recognized. Please fix it and resubmit."

I am in great problem. Please help me. My site name is
please look intoit and inform me what to do? Please!!!!
nzm said…
# What browser version (the complete version number of format "n.n.nnnn.nn" may be significant here) are you using?

# What operating system (again, name and version, please) are you using?

# In what blogs(s) have you observed the problem? OUR BLOG

# Is that your blog(s), and if so, did you see an improvement by removing the Follower / Friend Connect gadgets? By changing the comment form option? By removing any other gadgets?

# Have you made any separate effort to diagnose your problem? YES - SEE BELOW

# Do you see this problem:
1. When logged in to Blogger as the blog administrator? YES
2. When logged into Blogger, but as a blog author? YES
3. When logged into Blogger, but as a blog visitor? YES
4. When not logged in to Blogger, at all? YES

When I run the script in the IE debugger, it appears to be this line - error 800a03e8 - that's causing the issue: document.write(s);

This doesn't appear in my template code, so I'm assuming that it's something to do with the HTML widget?

Can someone from Blogger please check the coding in the widgets?

Looking forward to a fix!

Trust this helps!

--David said…
I'm on IE8, XP, blah blah... (which is a blogger-hosted redirected site) gives the stupid error - 6/23/09. Telling me to install a different browser is like telling me to buy a different brand car because the brakes don't work.
Cristy said…
I don't have a followers gadget, but did have Twitter feeds etc. People started reporting that they couldn't see my sidebar or more than one post about a month ago. It seems to be only with people viewing my blog in IE. I use Firefox so wasn't even aware of the problem. I've taken off the Twitter gadgets but it doesn't seem to help. Very Frustrating!
Dennis Gibson said…
"DNS error occurred. Server cannot be found. The link may be broken".

When I try to "View my Blog" does not come up. It was there before. PLEASE HELP
Nitecruzr said…

This absolutely must be discussed in BHF: Something Is Broken.

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