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Blogger Limits: Team Membership Limits Not Working

Some bloggers aren't pleased with the team limitation of 100 members. A few unfortunate bloggers can't even take advantage of that number
I have a private blog with 88 readers and when I try to add more the permission is denied. It says
Your blog may not have more than 100 readers.
I know I can't have more than 100 readers, but can I please at least make it to 100!?!
And when we add up the number of administrators, authors, and readers, we find a number significantly less than 100.

We're not sure yet whether the affinity here involves private blogs, though it seems that would be a logical triggering factor.

Are you limited to less than 100 members in your blog?

(Update 2010/04/20): Blogger Support has acknowledged the problem:
This is because our invite limit currently includes all invitations, including those expired, deleted, outstanding, or otherwise used in the past.

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Liz said…
I have this same problem and mine is a private blog. It says I have 85 readers and there are only two authors/admin, but I still get that message when I try to add new readers. It tells me that "Your blog may not have more than 100 readers."

So frustrating. Why is there even a limit to the number of readers on a private blog? It makes no sense.
Rui said…
Hi. I am having a similar problem:

- Blog:
- It is private
- I have currently two admins, 58 authorized readers and 18 invites (totalling 78).

I am not able to invite anyone else, I get a message saying I can only have 100 readers.

Any idea if this is being looked into by Blogger? It is not in their "known issues". Suggestions?

Thanks in advance
Chuck said…

The last I have seen, this problem was being attacked on a case by case basis by Blogger Support. Do you have your own thread in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken? That's how you need to start.
Erin Ashley said…
They need to take this limit of followers off NOW!!! This is super annoying and frustrating. I am trying to make my blog private for security reasons but I can't because I have over 100 people that will want to follow me. PLEASE HELP! Thanks!
Chuck said…

This isn't a Followers limitation, it's a designated readers limitation, for private blogs. And it's not likely to be removed NOW, nor EVER.

How do you use the Settings - Permissions wizard, and maintain a designated readers community of even 50, let alone 100?
The problem continues as of March 2010. I have 51 readers, 1 administrator, and 20 outstanding invitations. In blogger math, this equals 100.

My blog is set up for donors to follow the progress of a project I work on in Africa. The work is in the government and, thus, needs to be guarded. I do not know how to allow my donors to continue to be informed of the progress here as we have no mail system.

Fixing this would be quite helpful and I'm not sure how to communicate with Blogger. I posted about 3 threads on the help since I cannot email them directly.
Kathryn said…
I'm having this issue two. I have one admin, one other author, 31 readers, 42 outstanding invitations, and it won't let me add 5 more. HOW DO I FIX IT?? I have people that want to read my blog and can't.
Chuck said…

Here's where I strongly suggest that you post a report in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken.
stacey said…
I've been having the same problem. Tried entering email address one at a time and it WORKED!! A bit time consuming though. I was actually able to add over 100 (counting readers and invites pending)

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