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An Easy "Contact Me" Form

One way of providing a contact procedure for your readers to use, other than the suicidal "mailto:" link, is a picture with your email address on it. But there's a simpler contact form, available as a native Blogger tool, if your blog uses inline comments.

Just write a post, designated as "General Comments". Setup a link to the comment form under the post, and make the post a static page in the blog.

See the right most entry in my menu bar above?
<a href="">Contact Me</a>

Now, enable either comment moderation (which you should use, anyway), or comment notification (if you're daring enough to not moderate), and provide your email address in the setting. Your email address absolutely won't be visible, anywhere, to the public. And you'll be contactable through comments, that you can publish or not, as you (or the reader) wish.

If you disable anonymous comments, and require Google accounts to comment, you'll even pick up the email addresses associated with the Google accounts of your commenters.

Note that if you are using inline comments ("Embedded below post"), and / or CAPTCHA ("word verification") screening in the blog, you should advise your readers to enable third party cookies, if they wish to be able to comment on your blog.

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Coveredwithjoy said…
I think this is a good idea, but thus far I haven't used moderation. But I am curious what you mean by "if you are daring enough" using comment notification.

Does "comment notification" refer to the setting within each blog that I put in my email address to receive any comments? Why is this "daring"? Seems pretty tame to me.

Chuck said…
If you're daring enough to not want moderation, you can get notification after a comment has been published. You can then moderate after publishing, instead of before.
D said…
Thanks for this suggestion after my feature request for a wordpress type contact form - not nearly as elegant as the wordpress solution, but a reasonable workaround

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