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Blogger Does Not Provide Email Or Phone Based Support

Every day in Blogger Help Group, we see one or two anguished cries
What is the email address for Blogger? I need to make my complaint in person.
Why can't I talk to a real support person, and not to a forum?
and the answer is simple.

Blogger does not provide email / phone based, one on one support. Period. You can't just talk to a person.

Blogger provides forum based support, and some fixed documentation.

Blogger provides bulk support, not individual support. Blogger is K-Mart, it is not Neiman-Marcus. You have to report your problems, but report them appropriately.

You would do well, too, to act as if the folks in the forums, trying to help you, are persons. They are, really. Many of them know what your problems are, because they have had those same problems. If they offer advice, listen to the advice. Then, act on the advice.

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Unknown said…
i don't know about today, but they did provide email based support.

in september, 2006 i had a migration problem with one of my blogs to my google account. i insisted and they were very helpful :D
Anonymous said…
So, if your blog account is hosed up, like mine, you're basically screwed. There's no way to contact support, no way to get a LIVE person to look at my account and fix the problem, and no way to get my blog working again. No "advice" on the "help" forum is going to FIX it. I need someone to FIX my account, not give me advice on how to make pretty colors show up in the background.
Nitecruzr said…

I'm not sure what your problem is, so I can't say for sure how you get your account fixed. I can report the problem to a real person at Blogger, if I know enough details about what's wrong.

You can contact me, and 3 others like me, in my private forum Nitecruzr Dot Net - Blogging. We'll do what we can, for you, if you give us a chance.
Cole said…
The fact that you can't get in contact with an actual blogger employee is still maddening. Our blog was just deleted, and we have no idea why, we got no warning, and no way of even asking WHY, let alone petitioning to have it put back up. Blogger is the only website I use that doesn't have an option to contact someone should your stuff get messed up in a way community support can't help. It's worse than Twitter.
DJ said…
I've had the exact same problem as Cole^^. My 3 year old blog with alexa ranking of above 14,000 got deleted without any warning or anything and now I can't even find a way to contact to ask for a backup so I can host my blog elsewhere. It is really frustrating. A company like Google should at least be able to warn you before they delete everything.
Nitecruzr said…
Cole / DJ,

You have spam detection problems, and there really really are two sides to your problem.

If you want to discuss this, please get into The N Zone!

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