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Blogger Help Group Won't Always Have All Of The Answers

Blogger Help Group is the forum where bloggers help each other - and Blogger Support has even recognised that, with various links to Blogger Help from their Blogger Help database, and their Blogger Known Issues blog. Sometimes, though, the questions exceed the experience level in Blogger Help. Occasionally we see the irritated query
I posted this question last week, and I haven't gotten an answer. What's up with that?
Are you folks deaf? Why isn't anybody answering my question???
as if all knowledge is here, and everybody is always present to answer any possible question.

Everybody doesn't know the answer to every question - that's why there is more than one helper posting occasionally. Maybe the questions which you are asking haven't been asked yet. Maybe one of the helpers knows the answers, if you are able to ask the questions objectively.

And while you're pondering the reason for the lack of response to your question, consider how unique your problem is. Some question aren't answered because the details are so obscure that no one is knowledgeable about your problem. If your blog uses a Classic template, for instance, you may be out of luck. Many bloggers have moved on to Layouts templates, and the expertise enjoyed by the helpers may have followed the trend. You may have to do some research on your own, and ask more specific questions.

Even if nobody knows the answer to every question, some folks may at least know how you can find out the answers, and can guide you as you figure out what you want to know. And if you do figure out the answers, share the answers, but share the answers politely.

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OWW/Claire said…
First off let me say that I like your style...very upfront. I did make a quick trip to your recipe site while I was wandering through your list of sites (not sure if that is the correct term, so forgive me please, just learning the lingo)

I did start to make a blog and made two posts. I then went to add a gadget and tried to make labels but each time I did that both posts (which are not even related) appeared under each label...I am really screwing this up.

I also had scanned in a sketch that I did on my computer...when I tried to add it to the gardening post it just wouldn't come up...I know I'm just not following the instructions correctly and having read and reread and then reread what I reread I'm still at a loss as to what I'm doing wrong.

I hope you don't mind that I'm asking all these questions...and I'm not sure I'm on your right page for questions.

If you have any suggestions and can find a moment (yeah right...some moment!) I would most appreciate your input.

Thank you very much...and whether or not you can help I do wish you all the best in the new year we are in and in the ones to come.

Nitecruzr said…
Hi Claire,

Several interesting questions here. Might be easier to work on them, in a dialogue, in GBH: Something Is Broken. The BHG Forums are good for interaction, Blogger Commenting sucks for that purpose.

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