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Embedded Comment Form Problem?

Recently, a few complaints have been seen about inability to leave comments on blogs, possibly in blogs using the newly provided Comment Form Placement, "Embedded below post". Having seen the announcement yesterday, I too, eagerly enabled the option in this blog. This post is the first which I have created, since doing so.

So, let's see what happens now. I have gotten several comments today, to several of my earlier posts, which were written before enabling the option. If you wish to make a comment regarding this issue, and can't do so here, please do so using my general post, Leave Comments Here. But having eyeballed this post, and a couple earlier ones, I see the embedded comment form on all posts, when you are in post view (not main page view).

In blogs which use a separate comment page ("Full page") or possibly a pop-up page ("Pop-up window"), you'll see the link caption at the bottom "Post a Comment", which will have a URL of the form "". In this blog, and when you are in main page view, if you'll look below this post, you'll see "nn Comments", which will have a URL "". The latter link will put you into post view, and position you at the "Post a Comment" form.

I've seen several blogs where the problem, as described, can be observed. In those blogs, the "Post a Comment" link will be "", and will be seen even in post view, and in place of the actual "Post a Comment" form. This gives a link which, when clicked, simply leads back to itself.

In some cases, changing the comment option to "Full page" or "Pop-up window" may provide relief from your problem. Possibly you can then try, again, "Embedded below post".

For a discussion of these, and other, procedures, you may refer to my later post Problems With Posting Comments To Blogs Using Inline Comment Forms.

When commenting on your current circumstances, please provide diagnostics:
  • The URL of your blog.
  • What comment option did you use, when it worked ("Full page" or "Pop-up window").
  • When / if did you select Comments "Embedded below post".
  • Whether you have published any changes to your blog since selecting "Embedded below post".
  • Did you try changing the comment option, and if so, to what setting, and did that help?

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Nitecruzr said…
Here's a comment.
Nitecruzr said…
Here's a second comment, with some useful advice.
Unknown said…
I changed my comments to pop up page and it fixed the problem
Unknown said…
No problem that I can see with this comment.
Nitecruzr said…

Though I could wish for a way to edit what I preview.

Cute. If you don't like what you see in the Preview window, you hit the "X" and close the Preview window, and you're back here.

I wonder if everybody notices the "X", and figures out what it's there for?
Nitecruzr said…
Now, let's see how well an embedded link previews.
Nitecruzr said…
Not bad. How about bold type, italic type, and bold, italic type?

Not bad, either.
admin said…
its good..., but, I have form comment on sidebar blogger, u can see that in my blog.. and try to comment....!! you have nice blog bro...!!
lynette said…
I tried to add embedded comments, but since I have customized my template the form doesn't fit on my page properly. You can see what I mean here:

Please help me! You can email me at
pablo said…
hey there! I'm having the same problem. it works fine when I have the comment option set to popup or full page, it's only hen I choose embed option :(
when I choose embed option and try to post a comment, nothing happens accept it goes to bottom of page.

I have made alot of changes since I chose that option but when I switch back to popup or full page it still works.

found a solution where you change some html code but the code does not appear quite the same as it does in thier description. my code in that same section is all over the place and seems messed up.
any ideas would be greatly appreciated as the embed option seems quite nice :)
Mr. X said…
hey there! I'm having the same problem. it works fine when I have the comment option set to popup or full page, it's only hen I choose embed option :(
when I choose embed option and try to post a comment, nothing happens accept it goes to bottom of page.

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