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Another blog is already hosted at this address - October, 2008

Ever since Google Custom Domains were configured using Google Apps, allowing a combination of custom domain blogs and non custom domain services in a given domain, bloggers everywhere have gotten used to the imminent appearance of the monolithic error message
Another blog is already hosted at this address.
during the custom domain setup process.

Initially, the problem was reset by Blogger Support, when requested by a form entry submitted by the blog owner. Later, we developed a blogger accessible reset procedure using Pages, a service controlled within Google Apps. It appears now that the latter solution is no longer usable.

Custom Domains generated recently from the "Buy A Domain For Your Blog" wizard continue to have access to Google Apps, but the Pages app is no longer available. The alternative apps, Start Page and Sites, may or may not have the same effect as Pages, when used in a reset process for the mentioned symptom.

Some people have stated that they got acceptable results from simply enabling Sites, and setting Sites to a non defined virtual host, ie "".

If your blog is showing "Another blog is already hosted at this address", and the above possibilities do not work, you will probably have to repeat my experience.

Yesterday, I purchased my test domain "", and started setting it up. After I selected "Redirect to", and managed to endure yet another never ending CAPTCHA sequence, I became yet another victim of the above error.

My test domain was reset by Blogger Support, and after republishing it back to BlogSpot then repeated to the custom domain, and with yet another CAPTCHA session of frustration, it is now online. I sympathise with all of you other bloggers whose newly purchased custom domains suffer the same ignominy.

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tina said…
it appears that I am one of those people... For now my blog is available at, but there are many bugs inside my blog since everything is attempting to reach And when I try to switch back to publishing to blogspot, I get the bx error.

tina said…
well now my blog is completely down... as mentioned above, my blog was functioning at the blogspot address, but now something has kicked in and moved it completely over to and therefore not working at all.

Does this mean I just wasted $10 and I need to move my blog to a different service? (after I started spreading the word about it, too. great.)
Nitecruzr said…

I don't see any forum posts mentioning "". How about you start a thread in GBH: Something Is Broken, so we can continue this discussion a lot easier?
Bogie said…
I also had this kind of problem. I'm done with the signing of the form and until now, they haven't notified me yet. What am I going to do. I don't know what steps I needed to do just to fix this problem.
Anonymous said…
I am wondering if anybody else has noticed that the custom publishing works if you want to publish to but NOT to

I absolutely cannot get it to accept "www" in that custom domain box. i know i have the domain setup right on the cname side because it works fine with .

we submitted a reset request 3 days ago and it hasn't seemed to do anything. i am wondering now that i have changed it to whethere they will still attempt to do something over at blogger??

Nitecruzr said…

We see that question a lot in GBH: Something Is Broken, and 9 times out of 10 it's because of a spurious solution in the DNS setup of the domain.

Brian, please, use community assistance in Google Blogger Help.
Jennifer Neyens said…
Thank you so much! I was able to fix this problem by setting the domain to, and then back to the original domain I wanted to use. I've been trying to figure this out for weeks, and couldn't find this solution by searching blogger. I found it by googling the problem. Thanks again!
TR said…
Totally forgot that I'd once had my URL tied to Google Sites.

To fix this error in blogger, I logged into Google Sites, clicked 'More Actions' -> 'Manage Site' -> 'Web Addresses' (on the left side under Site Settings) -> then clicked 'Remove' next to the URL that I wanted to use for blogger.

Worked instantly and was super easy, but I would have never thought of trying this out without your blog. Thanks!
Tony Shark said…
Hi NiteCruzr,

I am still having the same issue as I had over a month ago :-(

I followed your directions and still the domain isn't pointing to my blog, but instead, to someone else's blog.

I added the A Name and the C Name like you requested. I changed the blog back to like you requested and I waited for 3,600 seconds, but still nothing.

The last thing you asked me was:

"Without trying to make any changes, what does Settings - Publishing show, for a blog address?"

I have taken a screenshot and you can view it here:

Please let me know if there is anything else I should be doing Nitecruzr.

Kind regards,

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