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Strange Behaviour By GUI Template Wizards

Several bloggers are reporting inability to change the blog template, using the GUI Fonts and Colors, and Page Elements, wizards. The screen space which should contain the visual information - a view of the main page (for Fonts and Colors), or a block view of the gadgets (for Page Elements) - is replaced by a copy of the Blogger sign in screen.
The frame below then contains the Blogger Sign in page: To access your blog, sign in with your Google Account and then the actual sign in fields/sign in button
Alternately, the screen contents are normal, but no controls work, or page elements can't be moved around.
When I go to my Add and Arrange Page Elements page all I see is a google sign in page. This is when I am using IE. When I use Firefox I can see the Layout screen with all of the information but I can't make any editing changes.

If you are one of the victims of this mystery, help diagnose the scope of the problem.
  • From the dashboard entry for your blog, you have 4 links which lead to blog maintenance wizards:
    1. New post.
    2. Edit posts.
    3. Settings.
    4. Layout, which itself contains 4 wizards.
      1. Page Elements.
      2. Fonts and Colors.
      3. Edit HTML.
      4. Pick New Template.
  • Starting from your dashboard, click on each in turn (Test #4 with 4 sub tests), and observe, explicitly, which give you a wizard that operates properly and which do not.
  • Setup a new blog (blogs are free), and make it as like the current one as you dare. Repeat the above 7 observations, with the new blog.
  • Specify the name and version / service pack level of the operating system on your computer, and the name and version of the browser(s) that you have tried using.
  • If your computer has a Microsoft Windows operating system, check your Windows Update Log, and try to correlate when the latest updates were done, relative to first observing your problems.
  • Report your details, objectively, in a thread in GBH: Something Is Broken.

(Update 10/27 23:30): One blogger found the problem to involve an update to Java.
I uninstalled my java update 7 and now everything is better.

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