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The Blogosphere, including Blogger blogs both published to Blog*Spot, and to non-Blog*Spot URLs, is immense, and is growing constantly.

In the Blogosphere, you'll find blogs created as a "first blog" by beginning bloggers, as well as blogs created by those who have dozens of other blogs already. Anybody with Internet access is entitled to make his / her own contribution.

If you want to estimate, in any 10 minute slice of time, what blogs are being published, you can examine the Recently Updated Blogs list. That list, however, only shows you what blogs are being updated - it in no way shows you what blogs, in total, occupy the Blogger portion of the Blogosphere. In reality, there is no way a single, flat list could ever enumerate the entire blog population.

When you view Recently Updated Blogs on your own, you'll understand this to be true.

If you wish to examine blogs being published, the "Next Blog" link in the Navbar, which draws from the same database as the one depicted in Recently Updated Blogs, will provide a random selection.

While Recently Updated Blogs will give you a complete representation of all blogs, the "Next Blog" link will provide a filtered list, as it is intended to be used by the blogging population in general, and controversial and malicious blogs are not welcome.

Both the "Next Blog" link, and the Recently Updated Blogs list, have several major limitations
  • They only show blogs based upon activity, and activity only within a 10 minute slice of time, at any given time.
  • They are easily manipulated ("juiced") - blogs published repeatedly, during any 10 minute period, will be found repeatedly by you, the reader. If you are like me, you will repeatedly republish any post as you make updates, sometimes every couple minutes, during a 10 or 15 minute span of time.
  • Blogs that aren't updated won't show up for either "Next Blog" or Recently Updated Blogs.
  • Since Blogger blogging is multi-cultural and multi-national in nature, many blogs are published which won't be of interest, or even readable, to many blog surfers. Very few blog surfers are sufficiently multi-lingual to be able to enjoy all blogs published at any time during the day.

Google Blog Search is the closest thing to an accurate and canonical enumeration of all blogs. Since a static list, no matter how often updated, would be quickly out of date, we use a dynamic search. This gives you an up to date list (barring the inevitable latency, as the Google spider won't index every blog every minute).

The Google Blog Search - Advanced Blog Search wizard provides a dynamic list of blogs, selectable by any combination of various useful details
  • Author.
  • Date and time published.
  • Keywords.
  • Language.
  • Title.
SafeSearch Filtering, to avoid listing blogs with malicious content, is selectable, and has multiple options to control the degree of filtering you want.

Be realistic - you don't want to see all blogs - that would be like taking a census of the world by lining each person up in a line. You'd never get to the end. You'll have to have some affinity in mind, to start. How about
All blogs published in English,
for instance. That's a frequent request, in BHF: How Do I?.

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Thank you for your great blog! I just found it a few days ago.

: )

Question: I recently changed my blogspot blog to the newer beta style of layout.

Before the change, my blog would show up in google blog search right away. Now, it does not show up at all.

Can you help or direct me to a past article of yours to get me back up on google blog search?

Sal "The Muckraker" Costello
Chuck said…

The words "great blog" are always welcome here. Thanks for the boost. ;-)

I would advise you to post in the open forum, and I see you already there, so I'll continue by helping you there.
Fred said…
I enjoyed your blog. It gives me a lot to think about. I am new to blogging.

My site is

If you are interested in knowing how to grow luffa.
now this is more like an encyclopedia of useful blogging information. fantastic fantastic fantastic. i just hope your updates show up on my e-mail
I have only been using a computor for about a year and that has been very sporadic. i feel like i have foun the mother lode.
Shan Shortcut said…
thnx for this post, really useful blog

i was stuck for ages on how to browse Blogger properly, as the "Next Blog" option is really annoying, as most blogs turn up in Spanish, i didnt know there was a google blog search!

thnx alot
Anonymous said…
thank you for this post, really useful blog for me ! :)
Thank you to the gurus. Me likes this. But sadly my friends don't know how to.I will try to be a better blogger.
Loulabella said…
Hurrah!! Positive and useful advice on how to promote your own blog.

Chuck, you are my hero! Thanks for your helpful blog. I now feel ready to tackle the big bad world of blogging.

Loula xx
pigemployee said…
Very nice blog! it helped me understand blogging a little more. I am new to blogging and trying to get mine noticed more. This helped me find ideas on how to do just that. Thanks bro
KVSSNRao said…
I feel the need for an exclusive search facility for Blogger
Lovely Lavender said…
Thanks for your blog! I'm new to blogging. Just start my own blog. Your blog helped me learn more on blogging!
Lisa said…
I dont understand this! I dont know how to get traffic to my blog. I did not want it connected to my google acc as i dont want my friends and family reading my blog but all i keep reading is you have to cooect your to google plus. Is there another way i can attract viewers to my blog? Any help would be greatly appreciated :) Happy New Year guys. - my blog.
ATG said…
Thanks for this just did a search and this came up very helpful cheers!

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