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Blogs Published By FTP Appear To Hang During Publishing

Recently, we've had a few reports of bloggers, who publish blogs externally, report seeing
Your publish is taking longer than expected. To continue waiting for it to finish, click here.
In some cases, the blogs are large, with lots of labels. This may be an expected consequence of size.

But size doesn't seem to be a consistent factor, and some reports are of hours of waiting for publishing to finish. However, I'd still advise considering blog size as a factor, while we wait for advice from Blogger.

>> (Update 9/10): Blogger Employee now suggests that the problem may be related to a server address problem
One blog was able to shake this FTP problem by adding a "ftp." to the beginning of their server address in the Settings | Publishing tab (for example, the address changed from "" to ""). To see if this will work for you, first, try connecting via a separate FTP client with and without the "ftp." at the beginning of your server name.

>> (Update 9/7): Blogger Employee is now involved, and has some specific questions.
  • Could you guys tell me which hosting provider you're using? If everyone's using the same provider, that's an easy point to focus on.
  • Have you ensured that things are running smoothly on your server? If you log in directly to your server, do you run into any difficulties?
  • How many of you are unable to fully publish after you get the error? Or, are you eventually able to publish your files even though it takes a long time to do so?
  • Have you checked out this article:

>> Forum thread links: bX-*00066

>> Copy this tag: bX-*00066

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Dax said…
I tried that but it didn't work. I finally got mine to publish by reseting the password on the user that I use for the ftp account--I even set it to what it was too. Go figure!
Pancho said…
I've had the same problem for days. FTP server site working fine. I've been posting this way for years and this just started occuring 3 days ago. I haven't had a post go thru yet. I have not changed anything in my settings in years. One thing odd I have noticed. My password is a 4 digit one, but everytime I try to save it anew, a 6 digit hidden PW is shown?
Dawn Alguard said…
I have ftp. in front of my server address. My host is Alexis. This has been going on for months now, off and on. Sometimes a post will go right through. Other times I can try all day. I think I'm done waiting for this to get fixed and am going to look at other alternatives.
Nathan said…
This has started for me the last 2 days - sucks cuz I have been a blogger user since 2001, I'd really hate to have to find an alternative - but I think it's true that a free service = no/poor costumer service.

Seems nobody at blogger division of google cares to fix this. I love blogger and don't wanna leave but I'm afraid they arent to sympathetic towards us ftpers as fixing the masses who upload to blogspot.
mine also always laging........
PLS help!

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