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Blogger Displaying In German

Various Bloggers have reported that various portions of the screens in Blogger are displaying their messages in German, regardless of their current language settings. Changing the language setting from the dashboard is reported to have mixed effectiveness, though trying that first makes sense.

This doesn't affect blog contents when published, just the scripts included in post editor, and the profile display.

>> (Update 9/25): This shouldn't be a problem, any more.

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Hermes said…
I'm getting the same - and it's getting a bit annoying !!!
ian gordon said…
In my case it seems to relate mostly to the profile section.

At one stage I even turned into an accountant!

All my blogs (using 3 different accounts / user names) are affected.
Unknown said…
Yep, I'm getting it too.
MadPriest said…
I'm getting the German problem and my email copies of comments posted on my blog have gone really weird. They are full of html stuff and don't link through to the relevant post. These two problems started at exactly the same time.
robin hood said…
Same here about both the German stuff AND the e-mails including loads of html.
Anonymous said…
Yes I when I am asked if I want to view my blog, up comes:-

Blog anzeigen (in einem neuen Fenster)

Very entertaining but I'd like my English version back ASAP please :)

BayingAtTheMoon said…
Even the "Leave Your Comment" has its notes at the bottom in Germaan as I write this!
Diederick said…
I hate German, get it off of me!!!

Please fix our blogger interface?
Hermes said…
I can't believe it's STILL not on the blogger status page !
Improbulus said…
The fix is to set your Dashboard language to "English - English" and leave it there, don't try to change it back to UK (at least not till Blogger fix this issue permanently!)
Unknown said…
Yup, still got the problem - even after the fix and even after changing my language from English (UK) to English.

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