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What Can I Write About In My Blog?

Blogger blogs are so versatile, and so easy to develop, that some folks don't see the forest for the trees. Every week we see the anxious query
Can I write a blog, and sell stuff?
Can I write a blog, and make up stuff?
Can I include ads in my blog?
or even
Can I include ads from outside Google in my blog?

Well, there are quite a few things that are forbidden by law, or forbidden by Blogger or by Google, that will get your blog cancelled. Most of the forbidden items are common sense - or so it seems to me.

You - and only you - are responsible for content in your blog.

If you include dynamic content from other web sites, like ads, you are responsible for the content. The content may be from another server, but it's your blog, and your responsibility. Any graphic porn in the ads will get your blog TOSsed, eventually. And when you do get TOSsed, please don't post, and whine about it.
I do not post adult pics ..there are just some rotating ads which may be topless sometime ...

Blogger is a personal website publishing platform, and Blogger blogs are about people.

A blog about a business must be about a legitimate business.

Some people (aka "blog owners") may publish blogs which focus on their business - but a Blogger blog should include legal and original content about the business.

When you take content from another website, respect the wishes of the owner.

Remember too, that when you include content from other web sites, you should comply with the wishes of the owners of the web sites in question. Don't just copy and paste, without asking for permission - or at least researching the web site in question.

Be a responsible member of the Internet community.

If there's a copyright notice on the web site, comply with the requirements stated in the notice. Be a respectful and responsible web citizen.

Having written into your blog, consider how to write about your blog. There are ways to publicise it, and there are ways to not publicise it, too. Advertise your blog, but advertise it responsibly.

If your content is otherwise legal, you are permitted to publish.

Other than these restrictions (most of which are common sense, or seem so to me), and a very few capacity related issues, you are free to write, and to promote, your blog as you see fit.

Non-Google ads, content, and links, as long as it's legal, are all fine. Google encourages networking with other platforms, such as Blog This!, FaceBook, and Twitter.

Pick a subject which you know - and which you care about - and write.

Write about what matters to you, for there is your passion. And your passion will get you your readers, which will encourage you to write more. And that's the rule, here.

Write about what you know about. Just get started, now. Write some now, and more later.


woolmountain said…
So,if I want to sell the handmade crochet and knit items I make, I can post them for sale on my blog, and then advertise say on my business card that I have Items for sale on my blog? Can I also set up paypal buttons on my blog, so customers can pay direct. Thanks for your help.
Nitecruzr said…

As long as you provide legal and legitimate merchandise, advertise it properly, and sell it honestly, there's no reason for Blogger to mess with you. They make a nice profit from providing network and server resources to folks like you and me. Small businesses are perfect content for the Blogosphere.

If you need confirmation of that advice, spend some time going "Next Blog" surfing. But you will have to protect your computer first, and you will have to ignore the numerous obnoxious porn splogs.
ha said…
Is it ok if i add content from another site to my blog and provide a link to the official website? im not exactly copying and pasting, just gathering information from a couple of sites and putting it up together...would that count as illegal?
Nitecruzr said…
Is it ok if i add content from another site to my blog and provide a link to the official website?

I do that, a lot. As long as you make the links naturally easy to find (not hidden or anything), I don't see that too many people should have a problem with what you do.
Aaron Johnson said…
That's a an extremely helpful post!! I create my own content by default. I'm always careful when creating my own work.
Metzli said…
I am enjoying your blog, and was surprised by the date on some of these articles. How often do you update this information?

This one in particular is of interest to me, as I have been blogging lately about Etsy (online marketplace) and some of my teammates. I am planning link rich content, but am wondering if I am "allowed" to post some of the pictures I have been using.
Nitecruzr said…

I don't update any specific article on any given time frame. I do, occasionally, write new articles about any specific subject - and link old and new when convenient.

The subject of "what" can I write about is complex - and involves many "laws". Some "laws" are set by various legal organisations. Others are set by Google. And some are set by the readers of a blog.

Penalties for transgressions vary, according to the offense.

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