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Blogger Accounts, And Email Addresses

Setting up a Blogger blog starts with a Blogger / Google account - and setting up a Blogger / Google account starts with an email address.

This email address is not a mere, needless formality - it is a backup identity, and helps you to authenticate yourself to Blogger Support. It is thus a necessity, and should be kept current. And - need I say - remembered and secure. And it's easier to do all of these things when you stick to using one single account for all of your Blogger and other Google activities.

Why is this of any interest? Here's a problem report, seen too often.
I forgot my account password. How do I get it back? Oh yes - the email address that I used to register the account isn't valid anymore (the email account got deleted, it belonged to my boyfriend / girlfriend / brother / whatever, the ISP doesn't exist anymore, whatever).

Or this one:
Oh No. I just deleted my blog. How do I get it back?

Here is a hint. If you value your blog, always have:
  • A valid Blogger / Google account.
  • A valid email address for that account.
Remember that a Google account can be based on any active email address - most Google accounts are based on GMail addresses, but that's for convenience only. You can have a Google account, based on any email address in any email service, as long as you keep the account current, and don't forget the password.

Now, having an email account is a lot more useful when you know what it is. You don't want to be in this position.
I forgot my email address under which I registered my blog. I have too many addresses for me to enter each one, one by one, into the Forgot Password form.
I'll bet that you can enter each one, one by one, a lot faster than Blogger Support will look it up for you. Actually, being as email addresses are not routinely publicly disclosed, I'm not too comfortable with Blogger retrieving the email address, for any blog, purely upon request from an online forum post.

Think - - are you comfortable with any stranger being able to find out your email address? Not everybody is, at all, comfortable! And make sure that the email account is suitable for accepting password reset email. If your email server, upon receipt of email, sends a challenge to the sender
In order for me to deliver this to the intended recipient, you have to prove that you aren't a spammer, by solving this word puzzle and replying with the result.
you have a problem. This won't work with Blogger Password Recovery.

If your email client files Blogger password reset email as Bulk / Spam, you won't be seeing what you need. If you request a password reset, and don't see the email, check the Bulk / Spam folder.

Be sure that you maintain the password for the account, and keep the email address for the account current. See Help! My Blog Is Gone!: Login Problems for Blogger provided solutions, most of which will involve access to an email account (the right account). If you deleted your Google account, in a vain attempt to transfer control of the blog, you're going to have to have Google restore the Google account, then you'll have to transfer control of the blog, properly.

If you change your email address, update your Blogger accounts (and any other accounts that used that email address for backup authentication). And do this now. Not tomorrow. And, when you change, be aware of what email addresses in Blogger (Google) you can change, and what you cannot change.

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ritwika said…
your blog is really informative, i bookmarked you..
please post about google adsense if possible.
thanx :)
girlgonehigh said…
the only admin I have in the permissions is the account I want my username to be which is a gmail account. The other account (which is also a gmail account) is still active. I just want to be able to sign in to the admin account and see my blog (which was registered under the other account) so I can access it from there...why is this so difficult? please help...

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