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Help! My Blog Is Gone!

We're hearing that cry of dismay a lot recently. There are many symptoms, and actual problems, involved here. Look more closely at your problem, and at the list.
  1. Triage The Problem
  2. Deleted Blog
  3. Hijacked Blog
  4. Corrupted Content
  5. Login Problem
  6. Blocked By ISP
  7. Blocked By Network, or Local, Problem
  8. Last Resorts

Please! Triage The Problem
If you are currently suffering from this symptom, please immediately help to triage the problem, post the results in a forum discussion (follow instructions about any rollup discussion), and participate actively in the diagnostic process.

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Deleted Blog
You made a mistake, and deleted your own blog, or maybe you or another administrator removed you from the permissions list. DOHH. Mistakes happen. Or the blog may have been removed by Blogger - for just cause - whether falsely or genuinely. Or, did you delete the blog intentionally, without considering possible consequences?

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Hijacked Blog
The bad guys may have hijacked another blog.

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Corrupted Content
Part of the blog is gone. Maybe the header is there, but no post. Or the posts are there, but the sidebar is blank. Oh no! What do I do now? Well, in this scenario, you may be looking at another case of the old dropped post / sidebar. If it's not a simple case of the posts or the sidebar having dropped down the page, you may have a corrupt template, and republishing may resolve the problem.

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Login Problem
You're logged in with the wrong account, or not properly logged in. Or maybe you tried to change the account name, and simply setup a new account without realising it.

Check and make sure that you don't have another account, that the blog is registered to. Find out what Blogger accounts are associated with your email address.

Or maybe you're logged in to the wrong version of Blogger. Did you simply make the wrong choice on the start page? If so, go back and try again. If you're certain that you made the right choice, but you landed in the wrong version anyway, clear cache and cookies, and try again.

Remember, though, part of the Blogger security strategy involves keeping the identity of the owner, of each blog, confidential. You don't want Blogger telling anybody who you are, so don't expect to email Blogger
I forgot the account (I changed my email address). What's my account?

and get a useful reply. You will have to do some work, and authenticate yourself, somehow.

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Blocked By ISP
Some ISPs, possibly motivated by political pressure, are blocking blog traffic, from time to time. You may see a variant of the well known
404 Server Not Found
or just as likely, a completely white screen, with no error.

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Blocked By Network, or Local, Problem
You have a network, or a local, problem. Both a problem with DNS, or the MTU setting, on your computer, or other local network or security problems, can result in the white screen as well.

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Last Resorts
If none of those scenarios helps, and the blog really isn't there any more, act immediately.

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Jessica said…
My blog has been removed. I did not post anything offensive or illegal. What can I do? My blog is
Chuck said…

See if the instructions in Blogs Are Being Removed For Just Cause is of any use.
Lisa said…
I have come across some interesting blogs and have been following them. One day out of the blue, they are both missing and can't be searched. I tried many ways to find them and in vain.

Is there any way that I can find them or contact the administrator or to get their email contact? and

I really appreciate your help or answer.

Thank you.
Chuck said…
I have come across some interesting blogs and have been following them. One day out of the blue, they are both missing and can't be searched. I tried many ways to find them and in vain.


We have this discussion once or twice / month, in the forums. Unfortunately, contacting the owner has to be done on your dime. For several reasons, Blogger will not get involved in helping you to contact the owners, even if they could.
dearina said…
there's a warn when i browsing my blog : "Services for this domain have been discontinued". please help!
dearina said…
"Services for this domain have been discontinued" is reappeared on and i cannot see my blog again like before, after the desain blog was edited by me. i need your help, thankyou very much.
Chuck said…

This issue really, really needs to be diagnosed in BHF: Something Is Broken, not here. Please.
zaira said…
i can access my dashboard but not the front page of my blog.

i wanted to read my blog after writing it, but it comes to no result.

it loads for a while and then stops in the middle.
Several tips said…
A very useful post. Thank you.
Chuck said…

Your problem, I can guarantee, needs to be explored in detail in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken.
Sovetski said…
I recently tried to login to my blog after only creating it the previous day. I tried to do so and it now acts as if I never created it yet my blog still exists separately! When I try to recover my blog, it sends it to an email I didn't sign up with. What can I do?


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