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Strange Out Of Body Experiences

Everybody has them.

They involve strange feelings, based upon a dream.

Sometimes, the dream becomes reality. Or reality becomes like a dream. I'm unsure which this is.

Today, I read my GMail. to me 5:00 pm


Can you help us improve Blogger support? We welcome feedback about your recent experience so that we can improve the way we serve you.

Share your thoughts by answering five quick questions via the link below.

Your thoughts will help us to serve you better in the future.


The Google Team

Share my thoughts
? This is where the out of body feeling began.

Blogger wants to know my thoughts!!?? Hot dawg!!

So, I followed the link. And as abruptly as it began, the euphoria ended.

The link led to a simple 5 question multiple choice quiz. No opportunity to actually tell them anything. Back down to earth.

Can you help us improve Blogger Support? We welcome feedback about your recent experience so that we can improve the way we serve you. The information you provide will be kept confidential in accordance with Google's privacy policy. We appreciate your time.

How satisfied are you with your overall Blogger experience?

Very satisfied
Somewhat satisfied
x Somewhat dissatisfied
Very dissatisfied

How well were your questions answered?

Very well
Somewhat well
x Somewhat poorly
Very poorly

How timely was the response?

Very timely
Somewhat timeley
x Somewhat untimely
Very untimely

How likely are you to recommend Blogger to a friend or colleague?

Very likely
Somewhat likely
x Neither likely or unlikely
Somewhat unlikely
Very unlikely

Before you contacted the Blogger Support Team, which of the following resources did you first use for help?

x Blogger Help Center
x Friend or colleague
x Blogger Help Group
x Searched or another web site
None of the above

They just wanted numbers, so please give them numbers. I hope everybody got the same email. If not, see if the link above works for you.

NOTE: I selected "somewhat", rather than "very" (dissatisfied, poorly, untimely), because there was, believe it or not, some improvement. The problem of Wed, Jul 5 2006 13:00 - 15:00 or so, was reasonably short lived. But it was a couple hours later before many of us believed truly that the problem had been resolved.

And look at Blogger Status. Do you see any mention of the problem? Nope, the only record of the incident in question was threads like 0% (YES, there is a link there). Gotta be one of the shortest thread titles that I have seen in any recent time. The outage was 2 or 3 hours, which is one of the shorter outages too. But they need to document it, not ignore it.

I guess I Still Don't Get It.


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