Unique Content Requires More Than Hand Typing

We see discussions, in other forums - between a blog owner and an expert, discussing the necessity for unique content.

When advised that his blog is a problem because it is simply copy and pasted material, the response from some blog owners focuses on the term "copy and paste".
I type everything by hand, word by word! I do not copy, then paste!
But hand typed or not, the text can be easily Googled, and found in larger and better written websites.

Neither AdSense, Blogger, or Google Search care whether you use the keyboard or the mouse, to add content into post editor. You can type an article by hand - or you can highlight, then select "Copy" from the right click context menu, and finally select "Paste" from the right click context menu - and get the same result.

If you hand type, you still need to write original content - if you want your blog to have any future.

Hand typed or translated, copied content is copied content.

If you look at the screen with somebody else's website displayed, and you type based upon what you see, you are still copying the content of the other website. Even if you add extra words, change spelling, re paragraph or translate the text - when you finish, you end up with a copied article. Even if the content is now in a different language, it's still copied content.

Long ago, high school students would be assigned a "term paper" by some teachers. Given enough time in the library, they could find any number of well written books containing articles about the assigned term paper subject.

Taking a couple paragraphs from one book, a few random sentences from another, and a page or two from a third, it was easy to construct an "original" paper discussing the assigned subject. The teacher would never know what content is copied - he / she has enough to do, just reading the papers of a couple dozen students.

If you can Google it, Google can detect you.

It's not that easy, if you need to fool Google. If you can Google the content, to copy and paste, the Google content quality control bot can find it too. Even if you add extra words, change spelling, re paragraph or translate the text, the Google bot can detect copied content - with less effort than you took.

If you want to publish a blog with a future, write your own content.

If you are going to publish a Blogger blog, you need informative, interesting, and unique content. That helps you publish a blog with ads which any real people read and use when purchasing merchandise, which will be searchable with decent listing position. Content copied from a non Google website, even if hand typed, does not help you - and will not be accepted by AdSense.


I'm tempted to pass this article along to those I've recently discovered have copied and pasted from the blog I administrate! And their usual defense is they didn't think they were copying from MY blog...they copied from somewhere else.