Friday, May 08, 2009

Embedded Comments And Main Page View

The option to display comments, embedded below the post, was made a blog option relatively recently.

This was a long requested feature - and many bloggers added it to their blogs, as soon as the option was presented to us.

Some blog owners like this feature so much, that they request its availability inappropriately. They prefer that the comments, accompanied by the comment entry form, should be visible when the blog is opened, in main page view.
I would like all comments, and the comment form, to be shown underneath the relevant post, automatically, for everyone to read without clicking on the number of comments link.
And this is not how embedded comments work.

When you view a blog in an index page (main page, label search retrieval, or archives view), you have a number of posts displayed, one above the next.

The embedded comment form was designed to appear at the bottom of the page. With both comments and the comment form appearing below each post, the main page view would be unacceptably long and complex. And coding for the form would be impossible.

To avoid an unbearably messy main page view, each individual post in main page view is followed by the comment count for that post, as a link caption.

When you click on a comments count link, you then see the comment entry form itself. The form presentation varies according to comment entry style, as chosen by the blog owner - and includes the latest comments for the post.
  • The "Full page" form, as part of the individual post page.
  • The "Pop-up window" form, in a popup window.
  • The "Embedded below post" form, appearing beneath the individual post.

If you wish for your readers to have the existing comments, and the comment form, immediately visible under the posts, you can use Jump Break to present an excerpt of each post in main page view. This will force your reader to read the complete post in individual post page view - and the existing comments and the comment form will be immediately visible.

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Coveredwithjoy said...

I wonder why it is a big deal to allow all comments to be shown. I read all kinds of blog entries every day. I may not care to read all the comments. It is great just the way it is. This is why I am coming to prefer Blogspot over other sites; the neatness of it.


Elaine Garrett said...

I couldn't agree with you more. I saw this request made by a number of people and thought to myself: visitors to my current post will be less likely to muddle through comments to see my previous post.

sheid11n said...

"To avoid an unbearably messy main page view, each post in main page view has the comment count, with a link."

that's what's missing on my main page. i spent the last hour looking for html-fix for this, but found nothing. i use a classic template and i know this part ot the 'blog posts' widget is missing, but i can't make it up by myself. if you can help me, please do so :-)

Chuck said...

As far as I know, inline comments are written in XML and are only available in layouts templates. I don't think this article applies to blogs with classic templates, though I could be wrong.

Kaze said...

Your blog post pulled me in from a search on this topic, I am disappointed to see that you have only offered comments on how blogging should be rather than offering any actual information at all.

Whether showing all visitor comments is messy or not is irrelevant. Since it is possible to do, and some people clearly want the option, why not give it to them? I hacked my own code to make the comments visible, and it works well.

Chuck said...

Since it is possible to do, and some people clearly want the option, why not give it to them?

Every feature that every single blogger wants is an interesting goal, but it's not practical.

This is simply one feature that I believe, personally, is better off as is. It's possible that it will work well on your blog, since you're aware of how it works, and what it's limitations are. It may not work equally well on every blog.

Blogger simply isn't going to immediately provide every feature requested by every blogger. Have you read through the AppsSpot Features Discussion database?

K Robins Designs said...

I am thinking I can live with it the way it is if I can make the 'link' more descriptive. For instance, instead of #comments, why couldn't the link say 'view/add comments' or something like that and maybe in a bigger font. Where might I change this? I think I found it in view source but am not sure about changing it.

Chuck said...

You can adjust the "Comments" caption, using the "Blog Posts" wizard.

Bruce Wallace said...

Hey Kaze, how did you do it??
I'm one of the many who WANT comments to appear in line on the main page (not just the individual pages). I think it is fascist to decide which features to implement based on one's own prejudices rather than prioritized by user demand.
So, how do I do it myself?
P.S. I would have contacted you directly but your profile is private.

Whale Tails said...

I would just like my blog to show the comments like this page. I've tried all that I think I can do, and have no joy. The blog is: and although I'm just getting going with it, I'd like to get it working. Any help would be great.

liz said...

I keep coming back to your item re comments SHOWING if a single post is made visible on main page.

Nitecruzer said it was now possible to do...but nowhere is the HOW to do it! I LIKE showing comments since they vindicate the content of the post...or one hopes they do! My "content" is paintings so comments are 1 or 2 lines re "like" or "don't like". Yes I do moderate.....

Mrs. D said...

I'd love to have the comment boxes appear on the main page (NOT the comments, which would take up too much space but the box to enter the comments in). I use my blog for teaching, and my students would be more tempted to write comments if the box appeared on the main page).

Is this possible?

Neo said...

Can someone PLEASE help... I need my comments box to show so my readers can leave a comment. I moderate the comments - how do i get this feature???

Chuck said...


Whether you select "Embedded", "Full page", or "Popup window", for form style, your readers will always have to click once from main page to get a comment form.

That's the way Blogger blogs main page view works.

There is no "comment form" in "main page view", just as there is no "freak" in "chocolate". Sorry.

SLowmo75 said...

The strange thing is, that you are suggesting it's not a good idea to do exactly what is happening here, aren't you? Or am I missing something? Does this page show comments only because it is on its own page? I arrived here because I would like my comments to appear directly below each post, exactly like they do here, but you are telling me that I shouldn't do that, while you are actually doing it. Aren't you? Am I? Sorry, I feel like I must've missed a point somewhere?

Chuck Croll said...


If you're reading this comment, then you are either:
1. Looking at the individual post page, and the embedded comments below the post.
2. Looking at the comment wizard itself.
3. Possibly, looking at some version of the comments feed, in any newsreader.

If you look at the main page of my blog, all that you will see, beneath each (possibly summarised) individual post, is a link captioned "nn comments". And, the latter link takes you to this form, for that post.

gg designs said...

What you do here is what I want on the bottom of my page.....but like everyone here, it's VERY frustrating not to be able to do so.

For a supposedly "simple" ap...the blogger software presents many problems, frustrations and glitches.

At the moment this is the one that is bugging me the most!

Chuck Croll said...


Your point is well made, unfortunately, so many features in Blogger that look so simple are not that way at all. Some of them are unbelievably complex - just what you see is simple.

Have you maybe posted your request for help in Blogger Help Forum: How Do I?, where we can explore your problem in detail? That's a better place to start.

Zia Urrehman said... my blog can i make comment box on all pages?

Chuck Croll said...


As explained above, you cannot have a comment box on all pages. The index pages would be unacceptably messy - both in coding, and in appearance.