Monday, July 02, 2007

Blog Posts: Every Blogger Is Unique

Every person who maintains a Blogger blog (or other web site) has his or her own idea about what features she or he wants to present on his or her blog / web site. Under Classic Blogger, this need was provided only by editing the blog template. With a Layouts template, besides letting us add and move template objects all over the screen, Blogger also provided us the ability to make common changes in what information we want to see included with every blog post, without even opening the "Edit HTML" Template wizard.

The Page Elements wizard lets you add and re locate objects on the blog page, and maintains the blog template.

From the Page Elements wizard, you can edit the Blog Posts gadget, and configure or re locate the various blog post components, in the post template. In the Classic Blogger GUI, "Page Elements" is the first tab that you see when you click "Design" in the dashboard or navbar. In the New Blogger GUI, it's the Settings - Layout wizard.

Find the "Blog Posts" gadget, which is the only gadget that will probably never be found in the footer, header, or sidebar, on the "Page Elements" page. Just like any other gadget in "Page Elements", Blog Posts has an "Edit" link. So click on the link, which gives you "Configure Blog Posts".

There are useful options here.
  • Disable / Enable Post header elements like the date.
  • Disable / Enable post footer elements (and change captions) like Poster Name, Date and Time, Comments, Backlinks, and Labels (I call my labels "Topics").
  • Disable / Enable Quick Editing and Email Post Links.
  • Rearrange various post footer elements into the order that pleases you.

You can change captions / formats, include or exclude altogether, and / or reposition the various elements in the post template.
  • Date / time stamp.
  • Author attribution.
  • Author date / time stamp.
  • Comments.
  • Backlinks.
  • Labels.
  • Quick Editing pencil icon.
  • Reactions buttons.
  • Email Post Link envelope icon.
  • Share Buttons.
  • Ads Between Posts.
Whenever you add, change, remove, or reposition, any of these features, always clear browser cache, then restart the browser, before testing for success. If your changes are unsuccessful, or the settings are not persistent, you may have to refresh the post template.

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Voice in the Wilderness said...

The information about the Page Elements wizard really helped. I want my blog to display post from oldest to newest without having the date confuse everyone. Thanks for the info, my blogs are now looking the way I want them to.

Eric Kamander said...

I found thi spost as a reference to the question " I am trying to remove a page element named Labels from my Blog."

I have tried to remove the element as you described, but even though Labels is unchecked, they still appear on my blog.

Chuck said...


I'll bet you have post template corruption.

If that doesn't help, try posting in GBH: Something Is Broken. The online forums are much easier to use, then Blogger Blog Commenting, for interactive problem solving.

Yasser Abo El Ella said...

Thanks for usefull tips

Bowie said...

I am commenting almost a year after the last comment and the info I found just helped me. This goes to prove the power of the internet. May it outlast us all. Bowie

Stella said...

Hey NiteCruzr, yeah, I tried to use this to add share buttons. I clicked on them and saved them-everything. They are just not showing up under posts. Any other info on how to figure this out...??
Thanks, Stella

Lou Gold said...

Hey Nitecruzer,

Lou Gold here and still blogging from the Amazon. I have the same problem as Stella. I can't add the share buttons to my posts. What to do?


Chuck said...

Lou / Stella,

The Share buttons are part of the Post Template (which is maintained separately from the blog template). If your Share buttons do not work, you need to refresh or reset the post template.

TCasteel said...

Thank you, thank you. I finally found someone who could explain where those little share buttons were hidden. Of course they weren't hidden but I just wasn't looking in the right place. Thank you for pointing me in the Right direction!
Theresa (Tangled Trees)

Read My Original Stories said...

Thank you, Thank you! :D
I'm very glad to see your blog! It is really a big help, thanks! :)

Nabeel Farooqui said...