Labels and Mail-to-Blogger - A Major Limitation

Periodically, we see an innocent request
How do I use tags (aka labels) if I post by email (aka Mail-to-Blogger)?
and the unfortunate response is
You can't add labels to a post through Mail-to-Blogger.
This somewhat diminishes usefulness of Mail-to-Blogger.

Mail-to-Blogger lets you post text, with titles.

Options, with Mail-to-Blogger, are limited. No adding or editing labels, no changing the post date, no selecting backlinks or comments for the post being created.

With Mail-to-Blogger, you write a post, give it a title, and send it to Blogger. Anything more requires use of either the "Edit Posts" menu, or "Post Options" in Post Editor.


solcarina said…
Thank You for sharing...)
SAHMinIL said…
Thank-you for this post. This is the exact answer I have been looking for! I wonder if blogger will ever change this and if so how it could be change. I just "discovered" this option the last few days and have been monkeying with it.
Howie Rhee said…
Thanks for the answer. Bummer. This would be a nice feature update. It's a little bit tedious to send in the email with the blog post and then need to additionally go to the site and categorize by tag/label.
Chuck said…

A MTB Label enhancement was asked for, and voted on, by a number of bloggers in the AppsSpot forum a couple months ago. Sorry if you missed it.
RGT said…
I have the same problem and I'm waiting for the update too!!!! I hope that it will appear soon!!
Art Lister said…
I come back every once in a while to see if there's any good news on this. Not yet ;(
Przemas said…
Yea - that's really cool option to send via mail posts but without setting labels - it isn't such usefull as it could be.
Francesco said…
Personally, I was expecting for some command similar to '#end' to fix the end of a post. Something like '#labels=..., ..., ..., ...' would be great, wouldn't it?

Thanks for sharing this useful information, even if the answer - at the moment - is sad :(

Greetings to everybody from Italy :o)
Amit Kak said…
Kindly help us to get this functionality working. This is a major limitation.
Chuck said…

As this is a major limitation to you, you need to make this opinion known in the Blogger AppsSpot Features Discussion forum.
Hanggar PS said…
That's good answer. Thx for your information. i appriciate it so much.
thanks for your clarification
Yu Lia said…
thanks for your information, it help for me..