Don't Like AutoSave? Turn It Off!

AutoSave is a great feature - if you write continuously, never delete content unexpectedly, and never edit what you just posted.

Why is the last issue relevant?

Because I am now editing my post, and AutoSave isn't bothering me. Because when you edit a published post, AutoSave isn't running.

Don't like AutoSave?
  • Start a post.
  • Create a stub post.
    • Give it a Title (if you're using Titles).
    • Give it a good first sentence or so, enough for the feed (if you are publishing a feed).
    • Add "Post coming soon" for your readers who read your blog frequently (if you're worried about that).
  • Publish the stub post.
  • Edit again, and No AutoSave.
Yes, it's that simple.

Unless you have millions of readers, constantly glued to your blog, chances are that nobody will notice a thing, while you are editing a published stub. If you do have millions of readers, setup another blog, using the same template, and publish to that blog first.

Blogs are free. You can preview your posts in all their glory, before publishing them in the main blog, and never show a mistake to your readers. If you take an hour or more to create a post, a few extra minutes to copy a finished post from one blog to another, if it saves you from losing your work accidentally, isn't a waste of time.

Just remember, AutoSave, and automatic draft generation, works best for short periods of time. You simply cannot type for hours on end before publishing, if you don't want possible problems.
I was just typing a long post, and with one keyboard mistake I highlighted ALL the content of my post, and replaced it with three accidentally pressed keys.

Just as I noticed my mistake, AutoSave acted, and saved my draft in progress with those 3 keystrokes. All my work down the drain.
Once AutoSave saves, your draft is history.

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Bonnie Calhoun said…
That is very smart and creative too! I will do this!
Catmoves said…
Oh, I'd love turn auto save off. But what's a "stub"? Please help.
Chuck said…
A "stub" is simply a single sentence, saying maybe "This post coming soon". Or, if you want to be feed friendly, you'll include the opening sentence of the post.

IOW, you publish a blank post. You edit the post, with the rest of the content, after publishing. While you edit the post, since it's already been published, AutoSave is not running.
bginley said…
that used to work and now it does not! what gives ?
bginley said…
that used to work and now it's back to snail typing in either way~
Chuck said…
Works fine for me. What exactly is your problem? Have you posted in Google Blogger Help?
dogimo said…
I wish there was a way to just TURN IT OFF.
Gerry said…
Or, if you use Windows Live Writer, you don't have to worry about it at all.
Dani Sukma said…
it's work. thank you. may i share your posting into my blog ?
graham_leach said…
I think this is a great idea! Of course you could also have a 2nd, "blind" blog where you prep your posting and then either cut & paste or otherwise export/import when things are perfect....right? That way, your public doesn't see the messy beginnings :)