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The Followers / Friend Connect Gadget Works, Again

In a separate project, I was updating this blog - and in previewing my changes, I observed the familiar demur
We're sorry.

This gadget is configured incorrectly. ...
In the sidebar, underneath "Follow Me".

That sight made me wonder if the Followers gadget, when viewed in the live blog, would again work properly - when recently, I had begun wondering if the gadget would ever work, again. And, when I investigated, I found my musings were correct.

The Blogger Followers (Google Friend Connect) gadget, titled here "Follow Me", is once again operational.

A not unacceptable tradeoff.

Clicking on the "breakout" icon, at the top right of the gadget, in the sidebar to the right, shows a long ago seen result.

It's been a while since this was a familiar sight, on this blog!

Surfing through my most recent new Follower, I found another blog with the Followers gadget in the sidebar.

And, I Followed that blog.

And I now see myself, in their community.

And I can click on my icon, and see my Followers profile.

Now, I await confirmation from any of my faithful readers. Hoping that I am not the last user of the Blogger Followers gadget, I await your comments - and maybe somebody surfing through this gadget.

Just don't be looking for it to display, in Preview mode. If that is a necessary tradeoff, I consider it righteous.


Anne Bennett said…
Glad to know it is functioning. Now the question is, can I easily, with one step, remove followers from my list or remove myself from someone's list? I hate it when blogs are hijacked or bloggers abandon their blogs, and I am still a follower and can't get off the list. Ugh.
Other then letting blog owners know you like and want to be an avid reader of their blog I don't know or understand the purpose of the gadget. I have it on my blog and the follower numbers are modest, but I don't know what else to do with it.
Chuck Croll said…
Hi Nikki,

Thanks for the question.

It's a way to build a reader community (on a blog that you publish) - or be part of a community (on a blog that you read).

The picture icon is part of the character of the gadget - like your picture on your comment.

Following is an alternate / complement to commenting - plus it provides a focused, safer medium for surfing, and looking for similar blogs.
Chuck Croll said…
Hi Anna,

Thanks for the question.

Very few things are one step, are they. But isn't it easier to learn 2 or 3 steps, than to frustrate yourself into inaction?

You can block Followers - and you can remove blogs from your Reading List (discontinue Following them) - just not in one step.
Mdm Samm said…
Good Day but it is anything but a good day, it is a sad day for many bloggers.... I suppose I noticed this at around 3:30 am dec 19th 2015, I have built my blog over the last 6 years, 5806 followers well not now, I am now down almost 200 followers, I did add this to blogger help and Chuck shared that we can possibly come here too.

My blog is I have removed my google connect gadget as I received so many emails people asking why people were dropping off so quickly...I have no is almost impossible to lose 60 followers in a one refresh especially at 3:35 am.....
This is certainly not a Christmas week that needed one more stress....

Sadly after reading from the Spanish Bloggers, this had happened in the not so distance past and they never gained those they lost....hopefully someone can find the matrix to repair this... Sad beyond belief actually...please help us who have loved blogger and
have been loyal and never jumped ship.....

Thank you ...and blessings...Mdm Samm

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