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Open Source Content Is Not Quality Blog Content

Some blog owners, complaining of unfair spam classification, are still not considering the need for original, quality content.
I have not broken any Blogger rules. Why was my blog deleted, as a spam host?
Copied content, legal or not, is not quality content. Blogger blogs need original content, that's informative and interesting.

The Blogger spam classifier has no way of identifying open source / public domain content, in your blog.

Copied content is not quality content.

If a blog has posts with predominatly copied content, it's not quality content. Copied with permission or not, open source / public domain content still won't generate traffic to your personal blog.

If the spam classifier sees content that is already indexed, under the website of the public domain content owner - and if the posts, in the blog, don't contain substantial amounts of original content - the blog is still subject to spam classification.

A properly produced Blogger blog is based on personal experience.

Blogger wants people to write blogs, based on their own experiences. Not copy other peoples blogs and web sites, by re typing the posts.

Remember, if you can "Google it" to find the content that you need, Google can "you it" just as easily. Easier, actually.

You can use public domain content - and content copied, with permission.

You can use open source / public domain content, as illustrations, or to explain a concept - and if you're polite, you link back to the content source, and follow the wishes of the source owner. But every blog needs its own content - to be indexed by the search engines, and to attract readers.

But copied content won't get traffic to the blog.

The search engines will index the content - and put the original website at the top of the first search hit page. Your blog, and the others that copied the public domain content, will be on the next page (if you're lucky) - and none of you will get any traffic, from the public domain content.

And if your blog is not classified as a spam host
Why was my blog removed? I don't publish spam!
you'll be in the forums, soon enough, asking
Why don't I get any readers?
Why did AdSense cancel my account?
because AdSense wants blogs with substantial quality content - so they can justify their services, to the advertising executives who pay them.

Start your blog right - base it on what you care about, and know well.

When you start a blog, choose the subject based upon what you care about, and know well. And write. That is the proper way to produce a Blogger blog.


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