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Life - And Spam Classification / Review - Is Unfair

Repentant spammers are not frequently seen, in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue.

When a truly repentant spammer reports a problem, it is difficult to know how to treat one appropriately. They are so rare, we have little experience.
This is totally unfair.
Actually, life is totally unfair.

You have been abusing Blogger - and a system which millions of blog owners try to use, in spite of your unfairness.

You have been unfair, to other Blogger blog owners. The spam classification process has consequences - some of which you may not have foreseen.

The spam classification and review process has latency - and this will not help you to retain control of your blog.

The spam classification / lock / review cycle takes time.

It takes time to get a spam lock notice to you, for you to request an appeal, and for the policy review staff to consider your appeal. If multiple spam classifications are being reviewed against your blog, because of multiple offenses, some later reviews will not complete - until after you have appealed past offenses, had blogs unlocked, and improved the posts (added content, removed spammy links between posts, ...).

The efforts that you made, last month, when you cleaned up your blog, were negated because of the last 6 months of your unfairness to all other Blogger blog owners. Even while you were cleaning up your blog, another pending blog classification was in progress - and even with your blog cleaned up, your blog has been locked, again.

And Blogger cannot whitelist your blog, to block all pending actions against your blog.

Your past record will take time, to be cleaned up - after the blog is clean.

If you have spent the last year unfairly treating other blog owners, even after removing all unfair practices (aka "TOS Violations"), you should plan to spend twice that amount of calendar time appealing all unfair treatment of your blog, after it is completely clean.

I'm sure that it's unfair, to you, having cleaned up your blog - while it was, so briefly, restored to you. But the abuse classification / review process is not instantaneous - and all of the actions, being reviewed against your blog, for the last year, are now taking effect.

If your blog is locked again, you will have to appeal, again.

You will need to appeal, again - every time your blog is locked. That is the only way to get your blog restored. That is how the process works - unfair as that seems.

If Blogger, this time, deletes multiple blogs - including new ones without content, blogs that were inactive, and blogs that have active reader populations - this is a normal reaction, to your past repeated, non repentant abuse.

Blogger will apply harsher penalties, until you choose to listen. Unfortunately, they can't guarantee that penalties will be applied as gently as you would hope.

If you never received notice about your unfair actions, this is normal reality.

Note that Blogger / Google will make an effort to contact you, when necessary - but cannot promise contact, with 100% certainty. If you overlooked a warning in your email - and continued as an abusive publisher - you must still bear the penalties.

And yes, all of this is totally unfair. Even so, it's real.


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