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Login Properly, To Avoid Many Dashboard Problems

Many problems with the Blogger dashboard are caused by the account / profile in use.

If the wrong account or profile is in use, the simplest solution - in many cases - is simply to logout from Blogger / Google, then login using the correct Blogger / Google account. This is less disruptive then advice to "clear cache, cookies, and sessions, then restart the browser" - when the latter sequence can be avoided.

A simpler solution is to use the Google multi account login menu properly, so you will not need to logout.

The login sequence will use Google "One account" login - and will involve the Google "blind login" process.

Start with the Google login display / menu.

Start with the Google Sign in screen. You can start here if you are not logged in, if you just logged out - or just after you clear cache, cookies, and sessions, and restart the browser.

If multiple accounts have been recently used, on this browser / computer, you will find yourself at "Choose an account". If only one account has been used recently, on this browser / computer, your previously used account will be displayed.

  • Icon / Name.
  • Email address.
  • Password entry box.

If you decide that you are using the right account, you "Enter password". If this is the wrong account, click on "Use another account". That will take you to "Choose an account".

Choose an account.

"Choose an account" will display all recently used accounts, on this browser / computer. If this is a shared computer, you may see some accounts that other people have used. You now have two choices.

  • Choose any one account, listed.
  • Click on "Use another account".

Choose a previously used account.

If any previously used account is what you need, click on that account. This will take you to "Enter password".

Use another account.

Click on "Use another account". This will take you to the initial login screen, where you enter account name or email address. Having entered either, you are taken to "Enter password".

Enter password, if this is the right account.

Verify that you are about to sign in using the right account. Note that regardless of what blog or dashboard may have been displayed immediately before you started this exercise, it's up to you to verify that this is the right account - or to use a different account.

If this is the right account, enter the correct password for this account.

You will be logged in, if possible.

In any case, having either entered an email address or chosen a previously used account, then entered the correct password for the account, you should find yourself in either the Blogger or Google dashboard.

If successful, you should see the Blogger dashboard, with the correct complement of blogs listed in "My blogs" or "Reading List". If you do not see what you had hoped for, you can "Sign out", and try again.

Note the Blogger "blind login" policy - and remember that you have to provide or select the correct Blogger / Google account. This is part of the Blogger / Google security policy - and helps you keep your Blogger account, and your blogs, under your control.

In some cases, you may have no choice, except to "clear cache, cookies, and sessions - then restart the browser" - this simply can't be avoided. Having restarted the browser, continue above.


Sandra Bachler said…
Thank you for your help - it worked!
Chuck Croll said…
Hi Sandra,

You're quite welcome, and thanks for the update!

It's important to know when something works!

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