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Block Specific Dynamic Views, Using Custom Redirects

One odd question, that has intrigued me for a while, is about dynamic templates, and reader choice.

We see the occasional question, in Blogger Help Forum: Learn More About Blogger.
How do I prevent my readers from viewing my blog, using an unacceptable dynamic view?
This blog owner is overlooking one of the major advantages to dynamic templates.

Using a dynamic template, you allow your readers a choice - how they get to view your blog.

Use custom redirects, to redirect from non wanted dynamic views.

However, if you truly want to publish your blog using a dynamic template, and prevent access to specific views, this can be easily done. Just add two or more custom redirects, from any dynamic template URL, to a more desirable URL.

First, you have to set a default view. Effective redirection requires a default view set. We'll use "magazine" as our default.
From: /
To: /view/magazine

Now, let's block "Classic" view.

From: /view/classic
To: /view/magazine

And add more views to block, as required.

Test the redirections, in my test blog.

See it in operation, using my test blog. See if "Classic" or "Flipcard" work, for you.
From: /
To: /view/magazine

From: /view/classic
To: /view/magazine

From: /view/flipcard
To: /view/magazine

You can also remove the View menu, from the blog.

Besides redirecting specific views, you can remove the View Menu from Dynamic Views. Use "Add CSS" in Template Designer, and add a rule.

#views {
display: none;}

Be aware of one need with the "Add CSS" wizard.

As always, if there is a rule in the "Add CSS" window, add a blank line preceding / following this new rule!

Otherwise this tweak will require a bit more work.

Many Blogger features are dependent upon other features. This tweak will not work, with the sidebar tweaked to not hide itself.

With choices come more satisfied readers - people who spend more time reading what you have to say, who bookmark the blog so they can come back later, and who recommend the blog to their friends. And all of that leads to more traffic - which is not a bad thing.

But, if you truly need to block some views, this is easily done.


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