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Blogger Sucks - They Can Delete My Blog, At Will

We see signs of anxiety and confusion, every week, in Blogger Help Forum: Learn More About Blogger, about blog control by Blogger.
Recently I've heard that you guys can shut down my blog at any time. I was wondering if this is true,
And yes, it's true. Blogger can - and will - delete a blog for righteous cause.

The reality is that thousands of blogs are shut down, each day. 99.99% of the blogs shut down are published by spammers - and Blogger shuts them down, so genuine blogs can remain visible.

Unfortunately, whether the proportion of righteous deletions to total deletions is 99.99% - or 99.99999%, there will always be a non zero number of blogs unrighteously deleted.

There will always be bogus spam classifications - and spam reviews.

Why will the latter number never go to 00.00%? Because spammers make their blogs to look like our blogs.

Why are there lawyers, and judges? Because the police will always arrest innocent citizens, for infractions of which they are not guilty. You can live in any country in the world, you will be at risk for false arrest.

You can move your blog to another platform, if you wish.

Blog publication has the same risks. If you fear false "arrest" (ie, spurious spam classification), you can publish your blog to any Internet service you like.

Whatever you choose, you'll be on a different blogging platform, which will either

  1. Be less visible, and of no interest to search engines and spammers.
  2. Be of interest to spammers, and have its own spam problems.
  3. Be of interest to spammers, and have an already established spam mitigation policy. You may not agree with the filters there, either - and the filters there, already trained by blog owners there, may be harder for you to deal with than the ones here.

You will always see complaints, in the forums.

You'll see whiners in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue, periodically. Many complaints are by spammers, recently confirmed and told
Blogger does not want your business.
The other half will be actual blog owners, unable to distinguish the spammers from the victims.

What do you want to do? I can only advise you to look at the total problem report population, in the forums, and see how many problem reports, at any time, are from people reporting
Blogger just deleted my blog!
And how many are from people wondering
How do I get more traffic?
How do I login to my blog?
How do I display my blog to my readers?

The latter 3 questions, and other similar forum topics, represent actual blog owners, whose blogs have not been spuriously classified as spam hosts - and they are busy publishing their blogs.

Blogger wants genuine blog owners, and righteous blog content.

It's your choice. Note that Blogger truly does not want to delete blogs, unrighteously - and they will provide multiple chances, to many genuine blog owners.

If you go outside - and even with no storms forecast for your area - the risk of being hit by lightning is never 00.00%. Yet, how many people never go outside?


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