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Posts Subscription Options For A Blog

We see occasional questions from blog owners, and readers, about options for reading posts, from a given blog.

The most obvious way to read the posts is to read the blog, as published, online. If the owner of a blog that interests you uses Google+ publicity, reading either online, or in the Google+ stream, may be your choice.

For Blogger hosted content, both owners and readers have a few more possibilities.

As a blog publisher (administrator / author / owner), you can subscribe to posts, by email, using BlogSend (Settings - "Mobile and email" - "Email posts to"). Note the delivery irregularities, associated with BlogSend email.

Many newsfeed readers can subscribe to various blog feeds.

Any publisher or reader can subscribe to various post related newsfeeds. Using feed discovery, most newsfeed applications will subscribe you to the posts newsfeed - if you supply the blog URL.

As a publisher of a public blog, you may offer various subscription accessories on your blog - and as an experienced blog reader, you can select any feed, from any blog, and display it in your newsfeed reader. Private blogs will be relatively limited in options.

The Blogger dashboard Reading List is one newsfeed reader.

Blogger supplies the dashboard based Reading List - but there are alternatives to Reading List. And, there are different community building accessories - both email and newsfeed based.

FeedBurner offers many options using various newsfeeds.

Using a feed reference redirected to FeedBurner, you can have any feeds delivered by email - or you may view a FeedBurner reformatted newsfeed, using your chosen feed reader. FeedBurner provides a wide array of formatting and distribution options - which you, as a blog publisher, may select.

FeedBurner provides two useful subscription gadgets - "Subscription Links", which can provide both EMail and Newsfeed subscription form links - and "Subscribe by EMail", which can provide a blog based form, or a link to a FeedBurner hosted form. You can add either - or both - to your blog, in imaginative ways.

Even with FeedBurner redirection offered on somebody else's blog, you may use a non redirected feed, on an individual subscription - if you choose. Alternately, you may setup your own FeedBurner feed, for Reading List or for email - even if not offered.

Know the possibilities, and create your own selections.

Complementing the various comments subscription options, there are various options which you, as a blog publisher, may offer, for posts subscription. As a novice blog reader, you may accept the options offered by the blog publisher - and as an experienced blog reader, you may create your own.

Only posts - not static pages - offer subscription options.

Note the term used here - posts. If you create a blog which uses pages, to host the blog content, none of these options will help you. Pages are not referenced by BlogSend - nor are they part of any newsfeed. Only posts offer any subscription options.


I have a question about the post email send option. I've got my blog set up to have a copy of my posts sent to my email. Have for the last 6 years and everything up till now has been fine. But the last two posts I've done on the blog, have not come in email form. I've checked, and nothing in the settings have been altered. Any ideas what might be up?
Thought I would ask here before going to the help forms. Thanks for your time.
Chuck Croll said…
Hey Domestic,

Thanks for the question!

I have a couple ideas - but I'd like to do some research, before asking questions. Which one of your blogs has the problem? You have a few listed, in your profile.

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