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Combining A Blogger Blog And A FaceBook Wall

Many people who publish Blogger blogs also publish to FaceBook. Some have their own Wall, others post to friends Walls.

We see occasional questions, in Blogger Help Forum: Learn More About Blogger, about the desire to combine the two products.
How do I publish posts from my Wall to my blog?
How do I link my blog to my Wall?

Like any combination of Blogger and non Blogger content, there are techniques to combine a Blogger blog, and a non Blogger website. Some techniques don't work - and others may work, but won't be good for the blog.

In your attempt to make a Blogger blog and a FaceBook Wall look like one website, don't overlook Blogger / Google content standards.

You will need unique content, for your blog and for your Wall.

Not all techniques for combining your blog and Wall, if they work, will be good for the blog. Both the blog, and the Wall, need unique content.

FaceBook, which is a social network, does not forbid duplicated content - but Blogger, which is part of Google, will have a problem. Having content on your blog, that is also published on your Wall, will be a problem - if the duplicated content is a major part of the blog.

Duplicate content, in both Blogger and FaceBook, is simply not a good idea.

As observed by some Google employees, duplicated content is a normal part of the web. However, if duplicated content is a major part of your blog - whether copied from your blog to your Wall, or published from your Wall to your blog - your blog will be at risk for a variety of spam classification categories.
  • Content created with scripts and programs, rather than by hand.
  • Content scraped (stolen), or syndicated (copied, with permission), from other blogs / websites. Content scraped or syndicated to other blogs / websites.
  • Content subject to copyright infringement reports, or other DMCA violation notice.
  • Crapola. Content of poor quality, low / vague / zero relevance to the subject of the blog, and / or blogs with cloned / copied / scraped content.

A FaceBook Wall does not have all of the options of a website.

There are a few techniques, generally used in combining Blogger blogs and / or websites, which won't work for combining Blogger and FaceBook.
  • Feeds. FaceBook does not publish a newsfeed (to let you display Wall content, on your blog) - or provide a newsfeed reader (to let you display blog content, on your Wall).
  • Linkbars. FaceBook does not have any formatting options, that would let you group a set of links.
  • Template combinations. FaceBook does not let you use your own template.

You can embed any publicly shared FaceBook post, into your blog. Use the code for the post, under the post menu "More options". Copy the code, then paste into a Blogger "HTML / JavaScript" gadget - or your blog post, when edited in HTML Mode.

Blogger provides "Share Buttons" - and there are various third party options.

Going from a blog to FaceBook, you use the "Share to Facebook" button, with "Show Share Buttons" enabled - to share a snippet from the post. And you may be able to use any of various third party sharing products.

FaceBook Developers provide some options for sharing, also.

You can use a variety of other gadgets, provided by FaceBook Developers, to post specific content from Blogger to FaceBook or vice versa. The content shared is post by post, there is no automated sharing.

You'll have a variety of ways to share content - and links - between your blog and various Walls, on a post by post basis. If you want to automatically publish your blog posts to your FaceBook Wall, you can use FeedBurner and TwitterFeed.

Know how to get help, for problems which involve FaceBook.

If you have a problem sharing a post to your Wall, use the FaceBook Debugger tool, to generate a list of the OG code generated for the post. Armed with the Debugger log, you can seek help from FaceBook Developers.


G. B. Miller said…
Like to share a few things with your readers on this, base on personal experience.

You have to be very careful on the frequency/type of blog link you post on Facebook. While they want you to be proactive, if you do too much link sharing on a given day/week, you run the risk of being put into Facebook jail, aka, performing the CAPTCHA each and every time you post a link from your blog to Facebook.

If you go completely overboard and post the same link multiple time because you're promoting something (say a book release for example) you run the risk of forever having your blog labeled as suspicious, which in turn makes it difficult to use other Facebook products with your blog.

The safest way to share your blog w/o getting into trouble on Facebook is to use their app called "Network Blogs". You can safely add your feed and the app will publish your blog with the same frequency that you do, with none of the potential pitfalls associated with inadvertent spamming.

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