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The Stats "Don't track ..." Setting Is Unique, By Browser

Many people have multiple computers. That detail is becoming more and more normal, in the population in general, each year.

I own 3 computers - actually, 5 (two of them run Windows XP, and are off line). So, I use my 3 computers - 2 Google ChromeBooks, and 1 smart phone (no, not a Nexus), for Blogger and other projects.

Since I don't want Stats pageview counts, for this blog, affected by my browsing this blog, I logged in to Blogger as the owner, using the browser on each of my 3 computers - and selected the "Don't track your own pageviews" option.

The "Don't track ..." option is set, in a cookie. Cookies are unique, to the browser where they are set. On a ChromeBook, with only 1 browser - Chrome - this detail is not so interesting. One computer - 1 browser - 1 user - 1 cookie.

For people with a computer running Microsoft Windows, or other "desktop" operating systems, managing "Don't track" may be more of a challenge.

Some computers have more than one browser.
On one of my XP computers, I had loaded each of the 5 major browsers - Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari. Since I used the 5 browsers to test this blog, I had to login to Blogger, on each browser, and select "Don't track ...".

People who share a computer - and who do not always log each other off when borrowing the computer for a brief session - may need to set "Don't track ..." when logged in to Blogger as themselves (the blog owner), but as the other person in ChromeBook or Windows.

If you do not relentlessly set "Don't track ..." in every browser, you'll be constantly wondering why Stats is so unreliable. Having some browsers, with "Don't track" set - and others, with "Don't track ,,," not set - will make for a haphazard situation, when moving from browser to browser.

Some computer owners clear cookies.
The confusion will be even worse, if you clear cookies ("cache, cookies, and sessions"), when you have a problem with Blogger (or maybe, another Internet application?). Every time you clear cookies, you must reset "Don't track" - or again, the "unreliable" nature of Stats becomes a concern.

Do not overlook cookie filters, which affect every browser.
Along with the cookie issue, don't forget the cookie filter issue. You'll have cookie filters on the network and on the computer - and in each browser. Again, on computers shared by two or more people, some browsers will have per user settings (and others may have settings maintained for everybody, by the computer administrator).

And again, don't overlook the fact that many filters are updated frequently, by the publisher - generally, without letting you know (you do know how to peruse the "updates" log?).

If you can't deal with the cookie filter issues, you may be able to generate a Stats "Don't track ..." cookie, manually. You'll still need to repeat this procedure, after you clear cookies, of course.

Be aware - or be always wondering.
As a Blogger user - and blog owner - it's up to you to observe how your browsers and computers are setup - and to adjust your "Don't track ..." setting policy, your cookie clearing policy, and your cookie filters, on each browser. If you don't have a policy, you'll be constantly complaining
Why is Stats so unreliable?
And your voice will be one more, in Blogger Help Forum: Get Help with an Issue.


^.^ said…
Don't know what the fuss is about ... every time I check on my blog and stats, I hit the "don't track thing" ... and voila ...
Nitecruzr said…
Oh Peacemaker,

I know what the fuss is about - I see it enough, in the forums.

I can convince maybe 25% of the complainers, another 25% never understand - and 50% curse at me, for telling them what they do not wish to hear.

Too many will not take the responsibility for maintaining their own computers.

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