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Account / Blog Recovery, With Team Blogs

We've known for a while, about account recovery for team blogs.
We've sent login instructions for the blog at to you and the other blog authors.

Apparently, team ownership recovery has its limits.
I used "Forgot?", and got the advice
Your blog has too many authors to email them all. Please enter your email address into the form below to look up your account information.
The blog has too many contributors. Since some of these contributors' accounts are no longer active, there's no way for me to easily identify the account which has now has the administrator rights.

Like account recovery for a blog with inactive team members, the "Forgot?" wizard won't work well with large membership lists, which are not well maintained.

In this case, the would be owner (former owner?) now has two possibilities.
  1. If he was the only administrator, the blog now has no administrators - and any author can now claim ownership of the blog, by using “Forgot?” and providing the proper email address.
  2. If the blog still has administrators, the former owner now has to identify an administrator who is active and accessible, and who is willing to restore his account to administrator status.

What to do, now?

Once again, we see the advantage of keeping the membership list well maintained. And if you need to transfer control of the blog, to a different Blogger / Google account, always use two browsers.

It is, unfortunately, the responsibility of the blog members to make the recovery process fit their situation. Blogger can simply provide no more options or suggestions.

A team cannot be managed (non managed) as if it were a committee.


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