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Various Problems With Blog Owners Using Internet Explorer V11

We're seeing a few browser related problems, possibly related to a recent update of Microsoft Windows and Internet Explorer, reported in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken.
I can't see my dashboard!
I can't upload pictures - all that I get is a blank box!
I am receiving messages, when I log in, that my Internet Explorer is not compatible with Blogger.
Too many blog owners use Internet Explorer for using Blogger - and automatically accept updates, applied by Windows Update.

Right now, Blogger Engineering is in the process of updating Blogger to work with Internet Explorer V11. This is not a minor task - with all of the many Blogger features required by the various blog owners and readers, all of which must be checked for compatibility with each new browser version.

The recent updates of Microsoft Windows, to use Internet Explorer V11, is causing various problems to blog owners and readers.

Blogger Engineering cannot update Blogger, immediately, to work with the new version. While we wait for Blogger to be updated, it's possible that the Microsoft "Compatibility View" setting can help us bypass some of the problems.
  • From the Internet Explorer menu, select "Tools" - "Compatibility View Settings".
  • From the Internet Explorer address bar, click on the "broken page" icon.
  • Type "" into "Add this website". Hit "Add", then "Close".
If we can't use "Compatibility Views" to work around the current problem, we have to wait, patiently, until Internet Explorer V11 can be properly supported, by Blogger Engineering. When Blogger does support IE V11, you will do best to remove "" from "Compatibility Views".

If we can't wait patiently, we may need to try using another browser with Blogger - at least to diagnose the problem at hand.

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G. B. Miller said…
As with most Microsoft updates, IE 11 was forcibly added to everyone who had Windows 7 or Windows 8.

I lost almost 30 blog subscriptions because of being force fed IE 11 to my computer. Using Compatibility View did the trick for me in restoring those subscriptions and it will probably work this issue here.

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