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Blogs LIsted Twice, In The Blogger Profile Or Dashboard

Occasionally, an oddity in our Blogger profiles will cause confusion - and offer some blog owners a opportunity to make a bad mistake. For some unknown reason, some Blogger blogs may be listed twice, in the dashboard or profile Blog List.

If you are one of these blog owners, seeing the same blog listed twice in your dashboard or profile, think before you act! Check the URL behind the blog title, for each entry - you'll see an identical URL behind both.

Seeing the duplication and only wanting a clean list, some blog owners will innocently delete one of the duplicates.
I don't need two of the same!
Since the two entries reflect the same blog, the owner will see the list go from two of the same, to zero of the same.
Now where is my blog?
Hopefully, the mysterious blog will now be present in the deleted blogs list, and can be un deleted.
  1. Possibly, the blog can be un deleted - and will produce one entry in the blog list. This is the best result.
  2. Less desirably, the blog can be undeleted, and will simply restore both duplicate entries to the list. This is the realistic result.
  3. Undesirably, the blog won't appear in the deleted list - or can't be un deleted, even if in the list. This is the undesired (but still possible) result.
Do you feel lucky, punk?

Recalling a few previous reports of this oddity, I've observed that the problem spans GUIs - both the Classic GUI, and now the New (2011) GUI. I'm pretty sure that the problem involves the Blogger profile - the Classic dashboard (dark blue / orange) is where I first observed this, though I won't say that the problem is not also present for blog owners using the new Google profile (orange / white).

It's your blog, and your profile - so you are entitled to see what happens. I recommend just accepting the uncertainty - you won't be charged any more for having two blogs, than for having one.

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Arnie Cuarenta said…
Thank you for this information. I just thought I was going crazy.
Thank you for this information. Though I´m still trying to figure out why is it that I can´t change anything in it (like the templete) even though I´ve been trying. Any thoughts on that??

Thanks again!

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