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The New Blogger GUI, Comments, And Word Verification

Recently, we're seeing a few frustrated blog owners, in Blogger Help Forum: How Do I?, who have decided that the recently provided CAPTCHA ("word verification") screening puzzle is simply too much for their readers to handle. Some blog owners have discovered that removing the CAPTCHA, from their blog comment wizard, is not all that easy, either.
Everytime I click on "Save settings", to disable word verification on my blog, as soon as I return to the settings, it is enabled again. How do I get rid of the CAPTCHA?
Some blog owners have not yet learned that the New Blogger GUI (2011) just is not ready for public use.

Until recently, disabling CAPTCHA (word verification") screening in our comments was not simple. The New GUI "Posts and comments" wizard did not always have a setting "Show word verification", and our advice used to be
Go back to the Classic GUI, if you want to disable the CAPTCHA, so your readers can comment with ease.
Now, there is a setting in the New GUI wizard.

Unfortunately, it looks like switching back and forth, between the Classic and New GUI, causes the CAPTCHA to be enabled, for some blogs. Until the exact cause and effect is identified, we are simply advising people to not switch back and forth, unless absolutely necessary.

Given the other known problems with the New GUI, it's (currently) easier to remain in the Classic GUI - at least, if you don't intend to use any of the new Blogger features that have been recently released. If you do switch back and forth, and don't want your readers to suffer "CAPTCHA Anguish", you'll want to check the setting, periodically.

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Ms. A said…
I'm not crazy about the new GUI and have stuck with Classic because I like it better. I do have a question for you. Why does the Manage button (blogs I'm following) hardly ever work? A few weeks ago, it did for one day and the next day it was back giving error messages.
Mozette said…
Right now, I'm unable to comment on anyone's blogs... what's with that????? Please help!
Nitecruzr said…

Need I state the obvious - I am now replying to a comment that you just made. Or have I missed something?
D.B. Echo said…
"Some blog owners have not yet learned that the New Blogger GUI (2011) just is not ready for public use."

Unfortunately, it appears that Blogger has not learned this either. The friendly dashboard message inviting us to "Try the new GUI!" (or whatever it said) has now been replaced with the more ominous "Blogger is getting a new look in April. Upgrade now." So, ready or not, here it comes...
D.B. Echo said…
As I said, here it comes:
Once "upgraded," word verification says "yes" no matter how many times you change and save. I don't know how this translates to actual behavior. No commenters have complained yet.
1CardCreator said…
I never used the Word Verification and before it was tolerable on other peoples blogs. The new WF is totally unreadable, everyone I know is up in arms about it! Today I tried to follow a Google blog and I got WF to follow, are they crazy! This is going to drive away a lot of bloggers.

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