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Problems With FaceBook Code Are The Responsibility Of FaceBook Support

As we add social networking accessories and gadgets to our blogs, we need to appreciate the nature of the connections, which we are adding.

Some Blogger blog owners fail to understand the relationships between the different Internet services, such as Blogger / Google, FaceBook, and Twitter.
Why do I have to solve a CAPTCHA when I post on my Wall?
Why does my "Share to FaceBook" wizard not let me include a snippet or thumbnail from my blog?
These are typical questions, seen recently in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken. The people, asking these questions, probably do not understand that services like FaceBook are not part of Blogger or of Google.

We have been combining our Blogger blogs, and our Blogger blogs and our non Blogger web sites, for a while.

Similarly, we can combine our Blogger blog posts with our FaceBook Wall, and with our Twitter Stream. As we combine these various Google and non Google services, we need to observe the support responsibilities for these services.

The "Share to FaceBook" button, added to our blog, contains code written by FaceBook staff - and problems with the "Share to FaceBook" wizard are, generally, the responsibility of FaceBook.

Blogger / Google wants to prevent bogus and malicious Blogger blog content, and FaceBook wants to prevent bogus / malicious FaceBook Wall content. Anything that you attempt to post in FaceBook - including links to, or photos or snippets from, your Blogger blog - is subject to FaceBook security decisions. If FaceBook wants you to solve a CAPTCHA when you post, or simply blocks you from posting, that is their decision.

Blogger / Google gives some us tools from FaceBook and Twitter. Other tools are provided by third parties. We may use any tools provided, as part of our blogs - but our use of these tools is subject to actions of the people who create them.

Report a FaceBook Problem
To report a problem with FaceBook, you start from the "Gear" icon at the top right of any FaceBook display. Select "Help", "Report a Problem", and "Report a Problem" again. That gives you the "Report a Problem" wizard. This procedure, too, may change as FaceBook changes their website.

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When will the share to facebook button work again from my Blogger blog (which NOW says .ca)? Thank you. This is important for me.
Chuck Croll said…

Unfortunately, the "Share to FaceBook" button, like the Wall itself, is all part of the FaceBook program library. All peccadilloes resulting from that library are the sole responsibility of FaceBook Support - and not to be facetious, but FaceBook is not (yet) a Google subsidiary.

In short, FaceBook determines what content - including what links - ia allowed in their Wall posts.

I am trying to be productive - not evasive - when I advise you

Please, complain to FaceBook Support.
Heather Leslie said…
The share to Facebook works on one of my blogs but not the other.How is this a Facebook issue?
Chuck Croll said…
The "Share to FaceBook" button, in your Blogger blog, uses code from FaceBook.

The button, with the other "Share" buttons, is part of the post template. If you wish to try resetting the post template, that may give an improvement. Otherwise, report the problem to FaceBook.

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