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One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

Earlier today, I observed one new feature in New Blogger GUI (2011) - the Post Editor "Add or remove link" wizard now offers the option to
Open this link in a new window.

This, in my opinion, is a major improvement in the New GUI (in general), and in Post Editor (in particular). A few minutes later, to my disappointment, I discovered a major design deficiency, in Post Editor.

Having acknowledged the new option, in the update of another post, I hit "Update" - and found myself back in the Posts list, positioned at the top of the list (with the recently added post The First Compelling Reason To Use The New Blogger GUI (2011)) at the top of the display. My recently updated post Make Links Open In A New Window, written long ago, was nowhere to be found.

The ability to return directly to Post Editor mode, for a given post just updated, was an option given to us, some time ago, after much pleading. It appears that option is now gone - and once again, we have to start from "Posts" and re locate any given post, just updated. Any old post, just updated, is somewhat unlikely to be found on the home page of "Posts", in any blog of any significant size.

My personal publishing strategy (shared with a few people) is to publish a post, then re publish it, repeatedly, with one simple goal.
Make each post as well written as possible.
Some time ago, I observed that I generally re publish any given post an average of maybe 6 times the number of paragraphs in the post. That means that I will, possibly, re publish this post 42 times, in an effort to make this post as clearly written, and as complete, as absolutely possible.

Having hit Publish above, I will now be returning to the Classic GUI. My morning of experimenting with the New GUI (2011) Post Editor, and the option to "Open this link in a new window.", is now ended. Having to re locate any given re updated post, in "Posts", is distracting - and interferes with my re publishing efforts.

One step forward, followed by two steps back. This is an experience not unknown, in the world of Blogger blogging.

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Tanya said…
testing comment ability
Doug Klassen said…
I'm a regular re-re-poster also and if that feature is really gone it will be annoying at the least.

I wonder sometimes if the people designing Blogger have ever actually ever tried to keep a blog with it.
Cindy O said…
I just recently began using the new interface. My workaround for this problem is to use my browser's Back button to go back to my blog post, as it was prior to editing. Then I refresh (reload) the view. For an old post, I find this easier than scrolling down through the "Posts" listing.

While I'm here, I'll just add a big THANK YOU for everything on your blog. I can always count on you for helpful info and solutions, and it's made my blogging much easier.

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