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Will Legacy Accounts Deletion Automatically Make The URL Of Your Choice Available To You?

If you believe some of the discussions in Blogger Help Forum: How Do I?, a lot of Blogger blog owners are lining up at the gate - or will be doing that, starting 2011/12/05 23:59.
For a number of technical and operational reasons, we’ve decided to finally end our support for migrating legacy accounts and blogs after December 5, 2011.
Some discussions include speculation about deletion of blogs owned under legacy accounts, which will result in their personal dream URL being made available to them, finally.

How much chance is there that dozens of unhappy Blogger blog owners will finally get use of the URL to match their blog subject / title?

Does anybody here wish to guess the values for these numbers?
  1. Total number of URLs that exist, in BlogSpot.
  2. Number of URLs that interest you, in BlogSpot.
  3. Total number of legacy accounts.
  4. Number of blogs owned by legacy accounts.
  5. Number of legacy accounts that will be deleted, immediately, on December 6.
  6. Number of URLs that will become available on December 6.
  7. Number of people like you, that desire the same URL that you desire.
  8. Certainty that Blogger will clean up BlogSpot, and actually delete all blogs owned by legacy accounts.

If you are waiting for your dream URL to start your blog, how much chance is there that your new blog will be coming online December 7?

I'm thinking a working formula might be something like
( ( b / a ) * f ) / ( g + 1 ) * h

Comment lines are now open, and operators are waiting for your call.

If you have a blog in mind, get your blog online today, and make it valuable, using the content. Don't waste time, waiting for an event that may never happen. Especially given the fact that nothing stated by Blogger implies
h > 0.00

Read the note provided by Blogger, again.
we’ve decided to finally end our support for migrating legacy accounts and blogs
I have seen no mention of planned deletion of blogs, owned by the legacy accounts.

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how do you know if your blog is a legacy account? I have paid for my url therefore I am not on blogspot therefore am I okay?
Traxy said…
Touché. That's the thing - instead of getting a URL the same as the address, you can just have one URL and change the name of the blog. I still have my original blog that was set up YEARS ago, where the URL is a username, so to speak. That's not what I have named the blog. In fact, by setting it up that way, I could easily swap the blog name, no problem, which I did earlier this year. No links had to be updated or anything.

And yeah, like you've mentioned before, just get a custom URL and if something's taken on Blogspot doesn't really matter anyway!

(That being said, yes, I'm still going to sulk over how the name I REALLY WANTED is taken, by someone who posted like 3 posts ages ago and then never again ... but I'm not going to complain to Blogger about it, because that would be silly.)
Bit confused, what's going on? What's a legacy account?
And if someone has the domain through something other then blogger it won't make a difference if I am understanding proper.

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