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There Will Always Be Multiple Blogs, For Any Popular Subject

Anyone is free to publish a Blogger blog, discussing any subject.

The Blogosphere is full of many blogs, some discussing the same subject as others. A blog on any subject can have any title desired by the owner - and the title can be identical to the subject, or it may differ from the subject, as desired. This leads to many blogs having the same title - and this is OK.

Unfortunately, though many blogs may have the same subject and title, each blog must have a unique URL. Some blog owners have a problem with this policy, since they believe that their subject, title, and URL must match. Not every blog owner understands why not every blog, ever written, can have a matching subject, title, and URL.

Since anybody can publish a blog on any subject desired, there will be many blogs discussing the more popular subjects.

Blogger has a clear and undisputable URL allocation policy.

Like disputes over vanity license plates, this leads to harsh feelings - because once a URL is taken by somebody, that URL is not available to anybody else. Blogger has a clear and definitive policy on the subject of URL allocation.

Blogger accounts and Blog*Spot addresses do not expire.

Some would be blog owners ignore the reality of the Blogger policy.

Some prospective blog owners, seeing the URL of their dreams already in use, spend some time examining the blogs published to the URLs which they deem worthy of their blog.

Finding one or more blogs being inactively published, by their standards, they conclude that Blogger has a problem with URL allocation, and with their stated policy. They then publish a complaint in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken.

I would like to suggest that after a period of years where a blog that has less than some number of posts, the current owner of the blog is sent notice declaring that unless they respond within some number of days, their URL will be taken from them, so it may be reassigned to another, more worthy blog owner.

These envious blog owners seem to overlook several details.

  • Any blog owner is free to publish a blog, and to discuss any subject of interest.
  • Relevant to any subject, the owner may publish any number of posts as desired.
  • Relevant to any subject, the owner may publish as often (or as rarely) as desired.
  • The more popular blog subjects will have more blogs published, discussing that subject - and most likely, using the more relevant URLs.

To make the suggestion work, Blogger would need to establish a URL retention policy, and judge each URL whenever necessary - possibly relevant to the current popularity of the blog subject. The more popular subjects (and URLs) will have more applicants for that URL, and will be judged more often. If you want a URL that's not available, what are the chances that you are alone, in wanting that URL?

Everybody cannot have the URL of their dreams.

The bottom line is simple.

The more popular the blog subject, the less likely that you will get the URL of your dreams, to use with your blog.

If you have a blog to start, start it today, and pick an available URL. Don't waste time trying to convince Blogger to give you someone else's URL. Consider alternate choices.

  • Make a different spelling or punctuated version of your desired URL (as available).
  • Publish a Blogger blog to a non BlogSpot URL (as available).
  • Find another blog host, and publish your dream URL using their service (again, as available).


emilysnan said…
hiya again see below it says choose an identity ? well i can comment on these blogs but see where it just says comment as and gives a drop down menu for google account , livepress , wordjournal etc these blogs wont let me comment

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