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Stats Not Displaying Individual Posts, In Detail Lists

For several days now, we've seen various reports from anxious Blogger blog owners, in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken, lamenting the lack of detail information in their Stats logs.
My Stats logs does not show the page views for particular posts.
This is just one example, of the many ways that blog owners perceive, and report, the ongoing problem.

If you look at the Stats Overview or Posts display, for any blog with any popularity, in the "Now" or "Day" time range, you'll likely see the well known advice
No stats yet, check back later.
When initially reported, this was only visible in the "Now" time range. Now, the effect is seen in "Day", and for some, less consistently trafficked blogs, in "Week" also. The effect is visible, consistently, in both the Classic GUI (brown / dark blue display), and the New GUI (2011) (brown / orange on white display).

This problem is apparent, for most blogs, in the "Posts" tab.
Most blogs with consistent traffic will show this affecting only the detail Posts lists. The "Now" and "Day" Posts lists, as noted, show "No stats yet, check back later.". The "Week", Month", and "All time" Posts displays show the Posts lists from before the problem first occurred. Both the Posts names in the lists, and the pageview counts for each post listed, are frozen.

This blog shows no effect in pageview counts, outside the Posts detail lists. I've carefully examined the graphs for "Now", "Day", "Week", "Month", and "All time", in both the Classic and New GUI, for this blog - and I don't see any count discrepancies. Your observations may agree or disagree - and I await your comments.

We have a Rollup discussion, in Blogger Help Forum.
We have an ongoing rollup discussion, in Blogger Help, where the scope of the problem is being discussed. My original perception of the problem began as we explored the latest wave of referer spam; I am today trying to determine if the two events are related.

An earlier outage may be related to this problem.
We also had an interesting 2 hour outage, a week ago, where no Stats data (counts, or details) was available for the previous week - and some blog owners are wondering if that issue is related. We have no references for the latter episode, as we escalated that problem in real time, and Blogger Support was able to fix it, immediately.

That problem was complete (as noted, both counts and details were available), it was immediate (it showed on all Stats displays for the previous week, retroactively), and it was total (the immediate nature and effect on the forums made it an obvious BloggerFire). This problem, according to my observations, is neither.

(Update 18:00): Blogger Support has fixed this problem.


Harold Shaw said…
My blog is not displaying any pageviews for new posts starting on 10/28/11, I am still seem to begetting total pageviews, but none of the newer posts are showing up in the top 10 for the week or day.

Wonder what is going on?
Rachel Howells said…
Same thing has been happening to me, Harold. No new page views showing up for my last two blog posts. I had about 500 views missing from total page views last week, but the next day the count was back to where it was. Still no daily or weekly stats for most recent posts.
Michael Leddy said…
Same problem here -- no visits on posts since 10/28. I'll add that Blogger's stats and StatCounter's stats have always been wildly different. Sigh.
Marc P said…
Experiencing the same issue. No stats for the last 2 posts that were published on October 29th and 30th. Seeing pageviews stats and the traffic sources, but nothing on the post level.

Blog is
I haven't been seeing any individual stats now for a few days, just daily stats, and even those are way off from what they usually would be. I mean for say a year they have been consistently the same,I can't see thing's falling off that much in a matter of 2 days.
Anonymous said…
Problem: Incomplete Stats data in REAL TIME NOW ..AND INDIVIDUAL POSTS. The numberhas been at zero FOR DAYS NOW. -- PLZ FIX ASAP,
yours, CSB
Mine seem to be working now, not sure about everyone else.

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