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Auto Pagination Being Triggered By Post Images Encoded In Base64 - Redux

The problem of auto pagination, triggering display page segmentation, has been with us since early 2010.

Even in the beginning, auto pagination was not 100% popular with blog owners. As more blog owners got used to the inevitability of auto pagination, more scenarios were discovered, where it critically affected blogs.

The most recently identified scenario, where auto pagination was involved, was with images hosted as Base64 content - first discovered a year after the initial opposition started.

Having examined enough cases of Base64 hosted photos during the past year, we now see that the problem appears to be related to installation technique.

Both the drag and drop technique, or the "From the web" option in the "Insert image" wizard in post editor, when adding photos to blog posts, appear to consistently add images hosted as Base64 content, into blog posts.

With the causative scenario identified, we can now recommend a technique for resolution. Hoping that any blog showing the problem of critical display page segmentation does not have an unacceptably large number of images / photos hosted as Base64 content, each image or photo has to be identified and removed, and a properly installed image / photo replacing it.
  1. Find the original of each photo installed, using drag and drop or "From the web".
  2. Copy each photo to your computer.
  3. Edit each post containing each photo. Remove each photo, as previously added.
  4. Add each photo again, using "Insert image", and selecting the copy on your computer.
  5. Re publish each post, so edited.

If the blog in question contains too many images or photos hosted as Base64 content, a possible alternative might be to change the blog to display using a dynamic template. This may provide a solution because dynamic templates, with the content rendered on the client computers, do not appear to be susceptible to display page segmentation.

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Kimberly Hiller said…
I just wanted to say thank you so much for your post. I have been looking all over the web and going through my code to figure out why my previous posts weren't showing on my main page. I was trying to think of workarounds and came upon your information. I have seen a lot of your responses in the 'google help' section and wanted to say thanks. Your quite a 'geek' and I will be stopping by your site first before I start scanning the web.

- Kim
Robin Williams said…
Many thanks, simple when you know how. So good that you help others, who are not so clever. People like you are really the good side of the web - keep up the good work
pasipecale said…
Many thanks!
I've been looking for quite a while on the web to find a solution for this issue.

Amy Pollard said…
Thank you so much!
suzed2010 said…
Thanks been trying all day to fix this.
Jitendra Indave said…
it is really helpful site..the same solution i was looking thanks a lot i got my solution
thanks - couldn't figure this out till your post!
Rose said…
I mean I couldn't figure this out. Now I got a solution. Many thanks
Sajan P Philip said…
Thank you so much... That resolved the issue
Thanks, this explains why my blog suddenly shows only 1 post per page, after I uploaded hundreds of photos to Picasa and inserted them to just a couple of posts.
Happy Onam 2015 said…
Very very thanks for the help,,
The Girl said…
Thank you for this post, it completely solved my issue :D

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