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Nitecruzr.Net Hits The Big Time

This morning, we're seeing a number of questions in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken.
Why are my Stats displays showing
No stats yet, check back later.
yet again?
and more interestingly
"" is showing multiple hits in my Stats log!
And none of this is really surprising, personally.

The bad guys, who have been serving various waves of referer spam against the many Blogger blogs, have recently included "" in their lists of websites, falsely advertised by their attacks.

I've been using this blog to talk about spam, in general - and about referer spam, in particular - for years. This week, the people who operate the referer spam networks are targeting me, in a Joe Job attack, using Stats logs to confuse Blogger blog owners.

In crime novels, it's called a "frame up". In networking, what they are doing is vaguely similar to a "smurf attack", using the various Blogger blog owners, in an attempt to overwhelm the forums.

What fascinates me is how referer spam works - which in turn is why it can't be blocked. And the several purposes of referer spam - which is why it will be with us, forever.

I guess I should be flattered. Let's try to keep it in perspective, though - and keep working on your blog.


Thanks for letting us know.

It`s not so bad, anyway: By checking who is visiting my blog, I found your site which is quite intersting for bloggers (always look on the bright side of life).

Kind regards
Jane said…
Thanks for the explanation. I was really puzzled about that exact issue. You're a legend for explaining it!
Vee said…
I had 430 hits from 'nitecruzr' overnight. I see it as a nice little boost to my Pageviews number. ;)
Mishka said…
Funny that they think that this is going to bother you...haha. Guess they really just don't have enough to do.
Mr. Craig said…
Shame to see you targeted like this nitecruzr. I haven't been to the help forum in a while but you've always been extremely helpful. Hope it all works out okay.
DinosaurPrince said…
I have noticed that traffic per post is not showing on my blog. Seems to have started some time yesterday and is continuing on today. What ever is going on, it's effecting my counter from Histats as well.
Korios said…
My "korioi" greek blog is a little less than two months old and these are the top 3 referrals of all time (all referral spams); plus your site which I found from my stats. Already 190 hits - 7th place in just a few hours! Hitstats recognizes the referral spam views and does not add them to the total views.

But Blogger does not. It is more than happy to include every last one of them. So I already have a 3500 views difference between Blogger total views and the real Hitstats views. How on earth can Hitstats be smarter than Google??


All these in just the last couple of weeks, earlier I had no issues at all. I have adsense ads in this blog. Do I have to worry that Google might think I'm cheating my views in some way? I know how to block someone from viewing my ads but I don't know if it's possible to block specific sites from refering you (I'll check out your blog, you may already have mentioned this)
linda said…
and here i thought it was mainly the lowly artist've always been a go-to, a tremendous help to me on all kinds of issues including this one that is/was/will always be driving me crazy...i included your link both in my comment box to my commenters as well as my complaint box on my sidebar as THE place to go for answers... not that THAT is where all 3,2974,100,234 are coming from. Funny thing is statcounter doesn't seem to be counting anything nearly so well now... and so back to my new Pyr puppy-pooper, she's eating my couch.

WV=nocker...thought that was kind of funny ;)
emilysnan said…
hiya just testing to see if i can leave comments here x thanks for your help xmaggiex
Thanks for sharing about this. Film hill has hit my blog.

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