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A Template For Virginia USA #3

For over a year, I've been suggesting that the time for using Classic (HTML Based) templates has become a thing of the past. This month, we are hearing suggestions that we are truly nearing the end of support for the Classic templates. As many blog owners found out about the end to FTP Publishing, you do not benefit by waiting until the last minute.

While there's still time, it's to your benefit to try out the new templates, observe what you do not like about them - and what you absolutely cannot live with, and objectively report your issues in Blogger Help Forum: Layouts & Templates.

If you have issues, your issues are shared by other blog owners like you, and all concerned can report their issues, you'll have a better chance of having your concerns heard by Blogger. In effect, you can help to drive the final migration, from HTML to XML based templates - if you get involved while there is still time to do that.

If you wait until the last minute, when Blogger gives you the "last call" notice
FTP publishing is no longer available as of May 1, 2010
You currently have blogs that are published using FTP. You must migrate your blogs to a new custom domain URL or a blogspot URL. To learn more, see our dedicated blog and help documentation.
it may be too late, when you find out details that absolutely don't work, for you.

Move ahead, now - or be stuck, later
I guess it's time to move to WordPress, as Blogger isn't listening!!


Jill said…
I don't see how I can get to my Picasa photo archive using the new inteerface. I left a comment before and tried to leave another just now and got a failure and an 'Oops something happened we'll get right on it'. Does anyone know how to get to Picasa from the new GUI?

Thanks, Jill
Traxy said…
I think the custom domain option is great. I could never get the FTP to work properly - if you did any changes to the template, you had to republish the whole thing. Just hassle. Much prefer the new templates and the custom domain option! :)

Jill: If you're in Compose mode and press the button to insert an image, you can browse your Picasa albums or the one attached to your blog, as well as entering a URL or uploading a picture.

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