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New Blogger GUI 2011: It's Optional, Right Now

Less than 2 months ago, Blogger announced their new and shiny GUI, in Draft Blogger. This week, they made it an option, in Production Blogger.
As you may have heard, things are starting to look a little different across many Google products—and today, Blogger is the next product to get a makeover.

Right now, it's easy to try the new GUI - and if you don't like it, it's also easy to return to the old GUI. Like all Blogger upgrades, don't plan on it being an option, for very long.

Try the New GUI. If you decide that you don't like it, let Blogger know. Every New GUI display has a gear icon in the upper right corner, or a direct link to "Send feedback" in the lower right corner. The "Send feedback" wizard makes it pretty easy to identify any features, on any specific display, that you think can be improved.

As with every Blogger feature, nobody will be well served with Blogger having to maintain redundant versions of their product, for an extended amount of time. The Classic GUI may be your preferred version of Blogger - but it's not going to be around, forever.

Try the New GUI - now, and let Blogger know what you don't like - now. Give Blogger feedback, so they can improve it, while it's optional. You may regret your immobility, later.

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Anonymous said…
Hello and thank you for your article. Yes, I have already tried to the new blogger gui 2011 on my blog. The new blogger gui just automatically changed my template and background for some reason!
As you can probably tell, I did not give it a very good review because of that reason. However, I am delighted that new blogger updates are in the making! Just keep working at it and you will get it to work for everyone.
Thanks to all the individuals out there who have worked so hard to improve blogger as I really enjoy blogging.

WNY Softball said…
I don't like it, and I did let them know!
mzjohansen said…
I rather like the new look. It's clean and easy to navigate. That being said I think many of us are tired of the continual "improvements" that sites like Blogger and FB make. Too much to keep up with in what are most generally over filled days!
Unknown said…
I had a peek at the new interface but was lost and became agitated because in order to create a post I need the compose edit icons. Why are they removed or are they actually there somewhere ?

Worst of all though I'm completely annoyed ever since the blogging interface has been scaled back to a postage stamp. There is only enough space to see about a sentence and a half. I continue to wonder whether google will offer a switch back to the previous sized blog edit window, even that one was only about a third of the space that the wordpress interface has ?
Unknown said…
i was sent here to talk about the tags ... i have a few tags with apostrophes and they're no longer being accepted ... any ideas? other than going through each individual blog post and changing over the 'new' tab? this would take forever :(

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