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Getting Rid Of The Mystery Blogs In The Reading List

A few folks find unexpected content in their Reading List.
How do I stop Following that blog? It's not listed, in "Manage Blogs I'm Following", and I never Followed it!

When you check the "Manage Blogs I'm Following" wizard, you get a list of the blogs that you Follow, with the Settings link for each.

Oddly enough, these mysterious blogs - that you can't remember Following - won't be listed, under the observed title, on the "Manage" wizard display.

Some blogs, for one reason or another, will redirect their feeds to another blog or website.

Other blogs may simply no longer publish a feed. In some cases, this will leave people seeing completely unrecognised - or unwanted - content, in their Reading List.

Fortunately, it's not complicated to find these mystery blogs, and remove them from your Reading List.

Any unknown content, listed in the aggregated reading list, will also be listed in an individual entry underneath "All blogs". Just go down the list, overlooking the titles, one blog at a time, and you'll find the unwanted content.

Once you identify the titles of the blogs that contain the unwanted content, go to the "Manage Blogs I'm Following" wizard, find the problem blogs by title, and remove the unknown blogs.

Then contact the blog owners, and tell them the mistake that they made. Alternately, report the gullible blog owners, so Blogger Support can inform the owners.


Ana said…
I have deleted some blogs from the following list and they reappeared.
There is one that I deleted three times and it is still on my Dashboard whenever updated.
Kat said…
I'm with Ana, I have tried to delete this blog on the google reader list and it keeps showing up on my dashboard. Trying to delete from the manage button doesn't work because I have no trashcan or unsubscribe button. All the settings button does it take me to friends connect. What else can I do?
Chuck Croll said…

Help me out here - why do you (and others before you) keep asking about a "trash can"?

There is no trash can icon. Click on the "Settings" link, for the blog in question, to remove any blog.
Kat said…
Chuck, we keep asking because that is what blogger tells us to do in the help section to unsubscribe to the blog. Apparently, this blog used to be "The Old Geezer" whose blog has been taken over or redirected somehow to ronjoewhite which appears as SoCalblogger in my readings list on my dashboard. Someone else said that the site takes you to loads of pop-up porn. Thanks for your help, Kat
Chuck Croll said…

Help me out here, please. The above post should describe your problem, from what I can see.

If you can't get your "Old Geezer" subscription problem resolved by following the above advice, can you please post in your forum discussion, so we can diagnose the problem that you have?
mxtodis123 said…
I cannot find where it says All Blog Updates on this new blogger.
Chuck Croll said…
The New GUI "Reading list" has "All blogs", and "Blogger Buzz" as menu selections just above the individual Followed blogs.
tiffany Matto said…
This one was called "test blog" this is the site-
Chuck Croll said…
Thanks, Tiffany.
A blog called "Graphics For Today" fills up my reading list. But whenever I click on to it, I'm redirected to something called "linkbucks", where there's no provision for unsubscribing. WHat do I do?
Chuck Croll said…

Did you look beneath "All blogs", for the individual problem blog?

When you find the problem blog, don't click on it. Note the title - then go to "Manage Blogs I'm Following" aka the gear icon, click on that, find the blog with matching title, and remove that entry.

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