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If You Deleted Your Blog Over 90 Days Ago, It Is Gone

Blogger has been making it progressively easier for us to manage our blogs, ourselves, without having to waste time posting in Blogger Help Forum: Something Is Broken
Help me!!!
They have provided us with various tools, such as the ability to restore an accidentally deleted blog. The tools that they provide are not immediately, perpetually, or universally available, however.

Like everything that Blogger provides, we have to make an effort to benefit from their benevolence.

There are limits to the ability to restore a blog, when deleted by the owner. A blog can be restored
  1. By an owner (and only by an owner).
  2. Only if deleted within the last 90 days.

A blog, deleted by an owner, can only be un deleted by an owner. The link to "Un delete" will only be found on the dashboard of an owner. This prevents hijacking of a deleted blog, by a third party.

A blog, deleted by an owner, can only be restored within 90 days after deletion. Everything is finite, even the ability to retain deleted content. Google wants to provide an efficient and stable environment, for us to publish our blogs - and to recover our blogs, when necessary. Efficiency and stability is easier to offer, when resources such as retention of deleted material is provided with limits - and this is the limit provided.

If the Blogger account, which owned the blog, was deleted, that account must be restored - not recreated. A blog can be restored to the same account - not to another account with the same name.

Note two caveats here.
  1. The 90 day deletion policy does not apply to blogs (righteously, or spuriously) deleted / locked as suspected spam hosts.
  2. The deletion of a blog may not necessarily make the URL available for re use by a third party.

Other than the caveats, it's that simple. If you delete your blog, by accident, you can recover from the deletion easily enough - if you observe the limits.


DJ Dyer said…
Hi, I closed (deleted) my blog for a time because I needed to focus on the work the blog was about - the my making of stop motion movie, but I obviously exceeded the 90 days. It's disheartening to think the blog and contacts I made on it are all gone. Is there no way at all of getting my blog back?
Thanks for you time.
Anonymous said…
Hi. After I wait 90 days for blog #1 to be permanently gone, can I edit blog #2's URL to take the old URL of blog #1, WITHOUT have any old posts that blog #1 has, come up on search results/RSS feed/post history ?
Chuck Croll said…

This would be a good question, to ask in Blogger Help Forum: How Do I?.
Taiteilija said…
Hi,somebody deleted my blog and I didn't notice that (I was very busy for months) and 90 days passed so it's gone.Is there any possibility to get it back?
Chuck Croll said…

If you did not delete it, then Blogger likely deleted it, as a (hopefully, spurious) spam host. Get the blog reviewed.
Kevin Yonathan said…
what if I want to restore my blog that has been deleted over 90days ? is there a way ? or is it possible?

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